Hi. Hi. Hi.

I have moved on to WordPress. (Cheap thrills I get at changing blogging platforms.) Contact me if you still want to read whatever I write. Sorry I am not publicizing the URL here since it's a journal thingy and a little personal. But I still want to be read in contact with you awesomesauce people. 
So you could mail me at holyintoxication9@yahoo.in or you could mention/DM me on twitter: @AttentionMagnet


Profound theories from back when I had exams.

Cellphone and video games are such easy retreats from real life. Like you cannot be a life-introspect-er and an avid video gamer at the same time. You either be an “i dont give a fuck about the world i ll just tweet status updates that will give me the most amount of rts”. Or you can be a “looking at phone only when required because i am busy formulating answers to the mysteries of life, its purpose and other important questions without which my life of course will be meaningless.”
And the worst part about being any of them is that they provide fantastic procrastination opportunities when you really really really have to study for exams.

I love you my Bloggie! :)

Revisited my blog and read old posts. 
Never felt better in life. 

Maybe I'll get back to writing lengthy ass blog posts sometime in the future. Maybe not. Right now I am trying my best to rekindle my love for writing at tumblr. Because Tumblr is kind. I am not expected to make sense there. 

Just in case you need to stalk me: www.dreamsandyogurt.in

I am glad. I am happy. 

I am in a place where I am utterly satisfied with my life. No regrets. No frustations. No over thinking and over analysing of situations that in reality donot mean anything. 

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