Like I wanted.

Its been a while that I have updated here. In my head it feels like a year but technically its just been a fortnight. 

Nothing productive thinking has been happening. Of yet. I feel like a boy. ( Yes you guys accept that you do very less of productive thinking. umm wait did I just say thinking?) I feel like a boy who can just think about having sex, being hungry and watching a cricket match the whole day. 

Just in my case these things are studying, tumblring/tumbling (I still havent figured out what to call it) and day dreaming of hot guy in gym. 
1. Studying is one of the things I have to force my mind to think about all day. However huge signals of literally getting failed I get from my well wishers( the contrary) I just cant make myself think about it. 
My brain is like study... study.. study.. oooh seth rogen ... like a boss. Now I need to hear the song .. Earphones. Song. As soon as I am going to switch the music off next song plays. John Mayer. How on the fucking world can I ignore a John Mayer song. That would be a downright insult. Hence the story goes on and the original train of thought (study) crashes into another train and there is just chaos. I am so sorry for my brain.

2. Tumblr. Its not productive. Not at all. I started it with an objective to write but now I am a regular tumblr user. Spamming the world with my reblogs. 

3.Hot guy in gym. *drools* 
ok good news he is head over heels for me. And no this isnt a story that is happening in my head. 
By the way remember Dumbledore once said : Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?

So screw technicalities. Here's the thing: There's this another hot Arabic guy in gym. Naah not SUPERFRAGILIXIOS hot like my hot guy in gym just plain hot ok? Lets just call him the guy. Ok so the guy asked hot guy whether we (me and hot guy) are siblings? Like really? Just because we are talking 24x7 of the time in gym people cant say we are siblings. So imagine what the hot guy said? She is my girlfriend. <insert own evil laugh. Mine not possible. Cough attack> Umm. The analysis I ll leave to you. (: 

Another news. 
Realisation struck me : You only fight with people you love. And sometimes it is okay to let it all out. 

And hey earthlings I just got awarded and interviewed. Details later I don't want to explode this post.
P.S: The posts are going to be scarce till November. Because it was a gloomy day when I opted for chartered accountancy. And now I am sentenced to life. (well technically till November.)
By the way I created these.:


  1. Hahahaha! I almost fell of my chair laughing at your expression in that clip. :P Awesome! (<--- :P)

    Oh and I miss reading all your crazy posts. :\

  2. Ooh your clip eez awesome :D
    Your expression is EPIC!! =D
    I miss your alien and mad posts :( Loads *sniff* Come back the soons! Okay?
    Bestestest of luck >:D<
    And ooooooooh girlfriend and all?! Naiiiiiice :D

  3. @dozingdodo I know right? I miss writing too :(

    @blahblaholic I ll
    be back with a bang after nov dun worry (:
    Hehe *blush*

  4. haha :D

    the clip in end has added so much value to this crazy blabber about self :)

    btw is the hot guy teaching you to count stars in sky now? :)

  5. You are killing urself or dozing off? Cute though..pwahahahaha!
    U r lucky!I finally got net for sometime and was able to comment!Ok i was lucky!
    You are thinking about SEX!!!????:P

  6. Laughing out loud at the clip :D and Red's comment : " you are thinking about SEX!!" :D :D

    Also, I believe that no. 3 is pretty intelligently and logically proved. thumbs up! ;)

  7. @red handed: Lets just say both. Thanx. Umm sex? No. Though i dont mind if its the hot guy. :p

  8. @ananya: Heehee thanx alot. :D :D

  9. Real funny clip... you acted like you were dozing off, not being shot.

  10. Real funny clip... you acted like you were dozing off, not being shot.

  11. I'm new to your blog, but are you a girl? It's really cool to see girls in the gym, I'm addicted to working out too :D

    I think you're a unique person, followed to be friends.

  12. each one is better than the previous one..!!! i literally laughed at the shhoting expression :)lol

    P.S : still laughing :)

  13. @deolascope: The aim was it to look like shot but it came out the other way.

  14. @linux and life: Glad you thought so.
    n yes I am a girl .:)
    keep visiting.

  15. @supernickk: Thanx. :)
    p.s: Me likey your bloggie too. (:

  16. Interesting :D

    and loved the pics

    stay blessed ^_^


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