Never give up on miracles.

"I am leaving in a minute" I hastily said on the phone to Annie. I was already 15 minutes late in leaving and I knew I would be on the receiving end of her fury today. She had already warned me a million times not to be late today. However perfect I wanted the day to be, my laziness and the love for sleep always came in the way. Taking a last look at my a-hundred-times-restyled hair I finally left the house. Once outside I rushed back in again. "Holy fuck! How can you be so irresponsible Akshay?" My Brain screamed at me. I had forgotten to take the ring with me, the main purpose of this evening.

"I knew you would be late." I kept the receiver. Why did I have to be the punctual one? One thing I purely despised was to wait for someone and Akshay always gave me the opportunity to be mad at him.  Even though he was late, I somehow didn't feel the anger I always did today. I was calm. Happy. I had a feeling today was going to be special and according to my girl's sixth sense which helped a girl know everything about his boyfriend/husband, from his choice of cologne to the fact that he is cheating on her, I was pretty sure that Akshay was going to propose me today. Even though we had been dating for two years I couldn't wait to see him today.
I left the house lost in my own thoughts. We were supposed to be meeting at a restaurant in the north of the city. While on my way to the auto stand I noticed two guys on a bike following me. I became suspicious of their intention. At first I though they might be one of the chain snatchers that haunted the city these days. Not wearing any chain, and having my Samsung Galaxy S2 as the most expensive thing I had on me right now I hastily stuffed it into my bag and clutched my bag forcefully. It was weird how I never called it a phone, I had been so in love with it that calling it a phone sounded like an insult. They came closer but unlike to what I was thinking they were more interested in eve teasing than anything else. "Hey baby. Can I have your naaambar?" One of them shouted while the other enjoyed the show. I ignored and fastened my pace. Just then they came closer and one of them poked me, "Where are you going sweethaart. I will drop you." . This was when I couldn't take it anymore. "Bloody asshole why don't you go fuck your mother because seriously that's what you are worth of." I shouted on top of my lungs. For a moment it felt like everyone on earth had stopped doing what they were supposed, and started staring at me. Suddenly grabbing so much attention embarrassed the bikers and they fled.

"Dude did you listen to that? What language? How dare she! I cant believe you fled!"
"What did you expect? Stay there and be beaten up by the numerous people that had started staring us?"
"Turn the bike"
"I said turn the bike. I just talked to Varun he ll be here in a minute with his van"
"Van? Why?"
"Its time to teach that girl a lesson of a lifetime"

I opened my eyes to darkness. My memory seemed hazy. All I could remember was being shoved into a van by those bikers I had abused earlier. Shivers ran through my body. There was a single light source in the place. It took me minutes to get accustomed to the otherwise dark room and make objects visible. I looked around and say a person sitting at a distance from me on a chair and constantly looking at me. I started screaming. "HELP! HELP! SOMEBODY HELP ME!"
"Haha. Scream all that you want. There is no one here to help you."
I suddenly felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. Without thinking I hastily took out my phone and started dialing. With a flash the guy got up and snatched my phone. "No smart move bitch" He opened up my phone and fearing police tracking by Sim Card took out the card and smashed it into two. I regretted my move. Just then there was a sound at the door and two other guys walked in. One of them switched on the light. Two of them I recognized were the bikers and third one I couldn't recognize. The more healthier one, the one I had abused slowly walked towards me with an evil grin. Suddenly he trapped my face in his strong clench and kissed me. I felt like vomiting. His hands started moving across my body and he tore away the left side of my shirt.
"Sanjay wait" The other guy shouted. I took a sigh of relief.
"You know what we decided. Wait."
My mind started running frantically. What had they decided.
"Why cant I do it and you both do it later?" 
"No not here. This place isn't safe. Let Shashank call me. Once his employer leaves the godown, we can keep her there for the whole night and since tomorrow is Sunday for tomorrow as well. We ll have enough time to fuck her so please keep your horny-ness to yourself for now"
"Okay" He said and backed off rather disappointed.
I panicked. I had started to shiver uncontrollably. Every moment I had ever lived began to flash in front of my eyes. I remember Akshay. How this day was supposed to be entirely something else. This seemed like the end of my life. I couldn't imagine living after going through what these people said I would go through.
"Okay. We ll meet you there directly." he said and both the guys left. I was left with the guy who the bikers called Varun.

"Yes you are right. Hmm." 
Varun seemed to be talking to the godown owner pacing around the room. Suddenly he unlocked the door and went out while talking. I heard him locking the door from outside.My heartbeat paced faster as I looked around for an escape. But the room had no windows and a locked door. I felt disappointed but then suddenly my eyes fell on my disassembled phone. I quickly assembled it back and switched it on. I had a plan. A plan that required a huge level of coincidence. I quickly turned on the  wi-fi and started searching for available connections. With crossed fingers, closed eyes and remembering various different gods I sneakily opened one eye to look at the result. And just as I had wished it to be. An open wi-fi server. As I had gathered from the hustle bustle evident when Varun opened the door to go outside, I had hoped against hope that we were near a Cafe Coffee Day that provides free Wi-fi and Wi fi signals usually go to 2-3 buildings around them too. Now I had what I wanted but I had to work fast. My mind was racing "What would work without a Sim card?" Just then it popped in my mind. "Facebook Messenger"

They were back. The dreaded moment was near. My heartbeat seemed to be running a marathon. The healthier guy turned to me, "So do you regret abusing me now?" he asked. I said nothing. Inside I was trembling with fear. I wished I had just ignored him that moment and carried on I would be out sitting with Akshay and celebrating how good our lives were. For not controlling myself at that point now I am sitting here at the verge of being raped.
"OK so lets get the party started" He said and came and grabbed me by my hand.
"Lets get her to the godown" The other one said and started walking out of the door.
Varun in the meanwhile was searching for chloroform so that I wouldn't spoil there plan of getting me there peacefully. He found it. He came towards me. This was it. Life as I know it would change. For the worse. Once I pass out, when I ll wake up I ll be dirty. I wont be me, and I would want to live with the new me.
"Hands up" someone shouted and loads of people rushed in. In a flash of second the entire scenario changed.

Happily glancing at the ring on my hand I wonder over the 'walking out of Varun' , the 'leaving my phone untouched and only destroying the Sim card', the 'finding a wi-fi connection' and the perfect timing of the cops. The series of coincidences that happened, the happening of all odds and the miracle of me coming out alive. Someone really wanted me safe and I was happy that I was going to spend the rest of my life with him.

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  1. This is a breath taking story.. Amazingly written.. :) Keep Writing:)

  2. typical story of yours :)
    somehow i manged to complete !
    applause plz :P

    1. That is actually worth an applause. I never managed to re-read it.

    This was breathtakingly beautiful <3
    DAYUM. That was some superfantabulous writing!!!!!

  4. Nia, I would be very honest. This year I haven't read anything so fabulous that could keep me glued till the end. this post did. I genuinely admire your writing style. ALL the best dear for the blogadda contest. I hope you win! :-) God Bless.

  5. Darn, that was a close call!

    Nice story!

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  6. Brilliant narration of a usual plot.


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