Achieved enough for a lifetime? Maybe not yet.

It doesn't matter how good you are, there are a million people better.
It doesn't matter how perfect your love story is, there is always a goodbye.
It doesn't matter what your problem is, there are million others who would want to be where you are.

What is the point of life when what you have, what you give, what you get is never going to be the best?
When there is something, someone who always has something better.
If we know there is no end why do we still crave for better?
Why do we want that newly launched Apple phone when we know in a matter of months there will be a more stylish and advanced one in the market?
Why is then life the constant battle of making ourselves braver/ fitter/ smarter?

Maybe because what we have is just isnt enough.
Maybe because life is about the dreams and memories we make in the process.
For the destination is important but the journey too.

P.S: I am out of practice. And ALIVE. 


  1. Who says ur out of practise O_o ?
    Loved it..! and the new look too! :D

    1. Thank you. What would my blog be without you. :P

  2. Loving the new look of the blog :)
    You are not out of practice. And you still make sense :P

  3. I think life is more about the journey than about any destinations.:-)

  4. The questions are genuine and apply to everyone, although a bit depressing. But yeah, contentment is hard to find. More of dreams, hopes, beautiful memories, more more more.. :)

    P.S. - Great new look.

    1. Its hard to find the optimistic side of life when you are near exams.
      P.S - Thanks.

  5. Dreamy look this is. BTW, I loved this post a tad too much!

    Cheers :)

  6. everything in this post makes sense :)
    i really loved it ..! :)

  7. Interesting post ! I could relate to it.. really :)

    keep writing !


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