Shave Or Crave Movement.

Remember when stubble was cool and women used to chose facially hairy men over the clean shaven ones? Me neither!

A stubble has been a women's nemesis ever since forever. A stubble and a man's laziness to shave it. A stubble has been a women's enemy ever since the first time she had hugged her dad when she was a kid and her dad's prickly stubble pierced into her soft chubby skin. There is something about a clean shaven man. There is something about the personality he emits. If you are a women imagine yourself in a situation where your car has broken down in the middle of the road. Now picture two men standing nearby. One is clean shaven while the other has this crazy ass beard. Who would you rather ask for help? The clean shaven and unmistakably normal one or the hairy terrorist? I rest my case.

The only sphere where it is justified to keep a stubble is if you are a part of Al-Queda. I can sympathize that you don't really have the time. But what is it with others? What misconceptions are you living with, men? I am shocked out of my wits that some men live with the idea that a stubble makes them look handsome and even manly. Like seriously? I am sure a nerd with no desire to hook up with girls in the future must have initiated this misconception.

Here are 5 ways to make men crave so that they get rid of their evening stubble:

Facebook Spams: 

Spam your Facebook walls with picture of hot Hollywood and Bollywood chikne actors. Be sly. If he notices your each and every action he'll know what is going on. And if you are lucky you'll be spending the night with a Taylor Lautner of your own. 

Stop your share of hair removal: 

Stop waxing. Stop threading your eyebrows. Stop getting rid of your mustache. And then go out on a date with him wearing shorts/skirts flaunting as much of your mini-zoo legs and arms as possible. Make your message heard loud and clear. Make him realize how it feels to roam around with a person who looks like a Lhasa Apso and how embarrassing it is.

Tag game: 

We all have those moments where we kiss our boyfriend/husband too passionately in the flow of the moment and regret later because whole of the side of our face is covered in a prominent red rash courtesy his stubble because he couldn't care less to shave. Now all we have to do is go running to a camera and take a clear picture of the rash. Treat it with care girls. This is evidence!! Now upload this picture on Facebook and clearly tag him. If your persistent efforts to make him shave haven't helped till yet this sure will. 

Take control over the remote: 

Every guy loves his games. Maybe even more than you. So on the day of his big India-Pakistan match conveniently stick a note on the television that says: If you plan on keeping your stubble you need to pay. Now hide the remote somewhere and slip out of the house for shopping lest he tries to charm you into giving him the remote. Even if he somehow manages to watch the match : at his friend's house or whatever, it was so worth the inconvenience caused. 

The Talk: 

Every man fears "The Talk" and tries to avoid every instance that suggests a future of a long discussion. Give him an ultimatum  If the stubble isn't gone by the end of today we'll have a talk. If he doesn't succumb to your demand lay down some basic rules:  No kisses, no sex. And as you might of course know nothing inspires a man to do something more than the call of his hormones. 

Be Creative:

Lastly be creative. Stubble is a recurring fight. You'll need to be creative and revise your tricks time to time. If you are lucky your man might become cooperative. If not you know you need to change your boyfriend and not the tricks.

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  1. This very post is the proof that women can't stand men just the way they are

    What's wrong with a bit of hair? We are not growing long beards!!!

    I myself prefer to remain clean shaved, but you know what, I found a girl that never minds a bit of shadow on my face

    I guess a difference of choice. But, today it's hair, tomorrow it's something else...please spare us!!!

    1. Yes. It's ok for a guy to get away with whatever he wants. A bit of hair? OMG whats wrong with that? Can't cook for his girl? No ways! It isn't a guy's job to cook. Doesn't talk about his or the relationship's issue? Pleeease! Guys aren't supposed to be sensitive.
      Girls are just supposed to sit in the corner and COMPROMISE. For every small big thing alike.
      I personally donot mind a bit of a hair but you know what? If guys can expect his girl to wax her legs and arms and get rid of her hazy mustache we sure as hell can expect a guy to shave.

    2. I used to shave every third day, because of her now it's once in a week ~_~
      I can cook o_O
      we talk a lot :-s
      I am hyper sensitive :(
      and no matter how weird, gross or ridiculous it may sound, I don't insist on her to wax ~_~
      hell I am even against her putting makeup o_O

    3. EXACTLY MY POINT. YOu might be super cool but I am talking as a whole.
      So I might have written this post just for the sake of the contest but as a whole guys really should shave.

  2. What happened to the thought of letting things be the way they are supposed to be? If creation made you hairy, why you want to change it? Maybe keep it under control, well groomed, but why a full shave? A man who shaves his hair and I mean all sorts of just signifies that he never accepted his own self fully, just for the sake of others...

    Sorry to add another comment cause the reply button wasn't working ~_~

    1. Keeping everything else aside I'd point out that creation made us naked. Let's not wear clothes anymore.

    2. But we can't do that since that's socially unacceptable
      Beards have no such problem

      and your comment on choosing clean shaved over hairy person for getting help is really discriminating.

      That's it, no more comments from my side. Stay Blessed ^_^

  3. My mom forces me to shave daily...


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