Wrong Means Right End. The book through my eyes.

About the book: After a divorce Sneha is now a single, working mom, has no time, or inclination for love. She resists every attempt at matchmaking made by overzealous Nandini, who is now happily married to industrialist Adidtya Sarin. But Sneha's world turns upside down when she runs into the self-made and arrogant Nikhil, a man she has an unpleasant history with. Meanwhile, Gayatri, Aditya's ex-fiancée comes back to town. To stop her Sneha must ask Nikhil for help but they can't stand each other. Will Sneha and Nikhil let go of their egos in time to save Nandini's marriage and find love along the way?

Things I liked:
The language of the book is "fantastic" . Fan being the keyword here. You can literally imagine the whole plot playing in front of you since the narration is so modern-Indian. The language is Hinglish and very much the better form of our dialect these days. The cool nick names and the replacement of the first letter of common cuss words is really funny. And when Sneha replaces Shit with tit its just downright hilarious. The characters are well defined. The narration and the language is great. It's the plot that I have a problem with.

Things I didn't like:
Because every protagonist has to be the self-satisfied and self-sufficient woman who isn't looking for love yet ends up getting just that. Because being a single mother in a metropolitan is super easy when the plot of the story isn't revolving around that. She has the ultra cooperative maid in a world where finding a normal maid is harder than finding a good husband.  Wrongs means right end is everything but realistic. I usually am never reallly disappointed in a book but this book forced me to. To be honest I dont need more than 3-4 days to read a book but for WMWE I literally had to remind myself that I have to write a review for BlogAdda in order to make myself read this book. The book looks like a looooong Ekta Kapoor show. The whole story is in front of you even before you read it. Maybe I have outgrown chick lit novels or maybe my recent busy schedule is too exhausting to fit in a book but this book was a tough one to read.
I am tired, bored and I feel I wasted a lot of my precious time.

My rating:

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  1. You might not want to be very honest here. I got chucked out of the program for being one. Loved the review though. I'm giving the book a miss..

  2. The first comment #FTW :D
    I haven't been applying, since exams shit is near.. I like the way you wrote the review, and the shit one sounds hilarious! :D
    I hope they don't really chuck you out of the program 0_0


  3. @Nevin : Speaking honestly should not be their criteria if it is. Also do they expect everyone to like a particular book. Different opinions are bound to happen no?

  4. @BlahBlaholic : I have my fingers crossed as well.

    And this review was written in the fifteen minutes break that I got between two briefings from my boss. :D


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