Because I really don't have the time anymore.

Tiring-ass work. Temple Run 2 highscores.  Failed resolutions. Uncontrolled online shopping. Milestone assholery level 2 achievement on twitter (read two thousand follower).Crazy drunk episodes that I have no memory of. Embarrassing mall full length mirrors that remind me how desperately I need to lose weight. Boyfriend's hot relatives and friends that give me the complexes. Sad, mellow songs. The Last Time by Snow Patrol on an infinite loop. Rekindled fascination with Jared Padalecki. No camera vacations. Lousy weddings. Relationship-sparks rediscovery projects. Relationship anniversaries. Unexpected Exam-slash-life failures.

It's been a long long year already. 


  1. Told ya.. I ll find out :P (like it was rocket science!) And whew. You've been updating! :)

    Lines go with the picture! :) I have a lot to catch up here! :D


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