Falling in love with Dove.

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What kind of hair do you have?
Is "hair with mood swings a thing?"

I have some weird hair. On some days they are pin straight and on some they decide to have some curls of their own. I have never been able to know the reason behind that but HEY! New hairstyle everyday so I am not complaining.

I had never been particular about the products I used on my hair until recently (read: 2 years.) I remember my mother asking me "Arey your shampoo is finished. Yahi wala lau iss baar bhi?" and I used to reply "Arey koi bhi le aao. Doesn't matter to me." Visits to relative's place or a hotel or any place I used to never bother about the shampoo I was using. So much so that once I even used a really low priced no-brand shampoo that was provided free with the aatta (wheat) sack without caring.

Having studied in a convent school we were always supposed to braid our hair. With my careless attitude towards my hair I never realized how rough and unpleasant my hair felt and looked. But I loved how braids looked. Tidy and so manageable and at the same time stylish. Given their comfort quotient I would never untie them even upon getting home and would spend the whole day in them. My favorite part of them was letting my head hang upside down from the bed  and see how my braids dwindled from side to side. 
 But I never liked how rough the ends of my braids were.

Being a tomboy all my life I didn't even know what split ends were until 2 years back while having a haircut the stylist made a disgusting face and informed "OMG you have split ends!". That is also when I realized that they were the reason behind the ultra slow growth rate of my hair and also the previous rough ends of my braids in school.

One day while watching television I came across this Dove advert where they claimed to provide a whole bottle of conditioner free with the Dove shampoo bottle. Since the offer was tempting I bought one without knowing then that this one bottle was going to change my (read: hair's) life forever.

With just two washes my hair felt so much softer that every time I brushed my hands through it I was like "WOAH! Who's hair is this" because it certainly didn't feel like mine. It was that day and it is today. So much has changed.

From not caring to specifically instructing anyone who goes shopping to get me Dove, from regularly switching hair care products to sticking to Dove since a time span of two long years, from never looking in the mirror to obsessively doing so and always brushing my hands though my hair a million times in every 5 seconds, Dove has taken this journey with me.

I still braid my hair alot. And French braids are my absolute favorite. And now I don't stop myself from brushing the ends of my braid to my cheek because they feel so soft.

I have been using Dove Intense Repair for some while now but after using Dove Split End Rescue that came with the gift hamper I think I am going to replace the existing product.


*While my hand is content to touch,
A neat, tidy weave - specifically just preserved to view.
The attractiveness and stylishness 
of a hairstyle that is absolutely not new. 
But it certainly doesn't feel the same 
Because the ends have never been this way,
They are silky smooth beyond words I must say.
My hand practices restraint,
Afraid to wreck the sleek composure.
But what it really desires is to slip between each braid
To pull apart the strands and spill over.

This is an entry for Beautiful Ends To Your Beautiful Braids by Dove on IndiBlogger. This is their Facebook Page.


  1. Hahahaha.... That is, by far, the most entertaining contest post I have read so far :D

    And your doodles, dayumm, woman, you can DOOODLE AND HOW!!

    I really, REALLY hope you win :D

    1. Thank you so much. :) I hope so too. :p

  2. Pyaaara :) I swear, I really want you to win. REALLY. :D

  3. hehee those were some funny images...
    and Goodluck :)

  4. This is really cute ! I'm drooling over your "how to fall in love with dove" doodle.

  5. You deserve to win the contest. This is by far the cutest entry..~!!!amaaazing doodles!!!

  6. how can a blog be so sweet and good.................

  7. Youve studied in a convent? I always wanted to.Apart from the strict discipline, it would have been fun. No?
    Anyways, I loved the way u actually advertised the product (in a very nice and entertaining way):p
    It was a good read.

  8. These doodles are so bloody cute especially the 'censored' part, I was laughing. :D

    If I could doodle like you .. *sigh*.

    Pure awesomeness, all the best of luck, I really hope you win

  9. @Anunoy: Thank you so much. :D
    @TheDreamer : You are kind. Thank you.

  10. @Red : I hope so. The prizes are great.
    @Maham : Well. I dont really know how. :p

  11. @Maham : Yes. Alot of fun. I loved howthey were sensitive about all the small things in life as well. And thank you. :)

    @Blahblaholic : I wish I could write like you so we are even. :) Thank you waise. ^_^


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