About "All Faces Of Me":

Hi. I am Neha Sharma from New Delhi, India. All Faces Of Me was founded on May 29th 2011 with the intention to rant about my personal life publicly online. Mostly it was and still is an attempt to include and chronicle every important (and not so important) aspects of my life. The name "All Faces Of Me" perfectly describes this blog according to me. I find myself to be changing every minute of my life and this blog helps me record that change. 

Today, this blog has evolved into something where I write about current events in my life , issues in the society , my evolution from a tomboy to a somewhat girly girl who's still discovering the various terminologies of make up and fashion. 

Being an avid reader, a recently turned shopaholic, a passionate games and app user and a foodie I intend to review more books, online sites, products, games and restaurants. 

About Neha:

So I am twenty one years old. Prospective Chartered Accountant by profession, passionate blogger by heart. 

I love clicking pictures. I want to travel alot. I love making cartoons and cutsies. The header of this blog is one example. 

Recently I have found love in jogging. From weighing 90 kgs once to now weighing 69 kgs I have finally sought comfort in my own skin. So if you find someone continuously giving animated advice to people as to how to lose weight and to how to dress according to their body type, it would be me. 

Suming up, I am: 
Really confused. In love. Curious. Tangled in troubling situations I create for myself. Rarely stalk-able. Extrovert by nature. Introvert by choice.

Your favorite line stealer.
Window seat grabber.
Attention Seeker,
Drama queen.
Loves High-calorific food.

Would want to marry food instead of a guy.
Supernatural addict.
Loves the guy in the movie who no one notices.
Carries on intensive research on non-important issues: Like why is Batman called so, if he cant even turn into a bat?
Allergic to people who think Robert Pattinson is hot.
Loves the new Justin Bieber song. (Go ahead. Judge me)

Member of the International Stalker Association.

Wants too many things in life. Jack of all trades. Master of none. I am that.


  1. At least it's better than bein' a master of all jacks. :P

    "Allergic to people..." - just for that line alone, I might become your ardent follower. :D

  2. nice to read.........thks..


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