Bucket List.

  • Get my hair dyed purple.
  • Get a tatto done on my body that makes absolutely no sense.
  • Get a house that I can call my "own".
  • Weigh 60kgs in weight.
  • Complete my Dexter series reading.
  • Increase capacity for alchohol.
  • Start earning.
  • Read The Hunger Games.
  • Learn how to drive.
  • Pass my November exams.
  • Go for Yoga.
  • Get my hair cut super short.
  • Have sex. Crazy sex.
  • Become a Chartered Accountant.
  • Meet Hugh Jackman. And convince him to marry me.
  • Drink "sex on the beach" on a beach.
  • Wear heels and not fall.
  • Visit Paris.
  • Meet awesome people.
  • Become twitter famous.
  • Meet J.K Rowling and tell her that she changed my life.
  • Travel alot. No fixed destination. "Travel" being the keyword here.
  • Form a cycle union. And convince everyone in my city that cycles are cool.
  • Eat Crème brûlée.
  • Learn how to cook.
  • Wear a bikini and look hot.


  1. haha. Sooper list!!

    I also want super short hair. But me no brave! :/

    P.S- Crème brûlée. A little bit overrated. Cheesecake. Anyday.
    P.P.S-The green is growing on to me. I love it now ! :D

  2. awsum list grl ... u inspiring me to write down my own bucket list (to lazy to do it :P)

  3. I can teach you how to make a nice creme brulee!


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