10 Day YOU Challenge: DAY FOUR


NEVER EVER (notice the capitals AND the bold) take up a shitty challenge like this on your blog.
It is so fucking boring.
And now I am stuck with it.

Today task: SEVEN WANTS

The most difficult
because I want everything
Its difficult to limit these in just Seven things.

Still I ll classify in two categories.
Materialistic And Non.



7. I certainly and definitely want an Iphone.

Call me brand conscious. Call me a show off wannabe. But I do do do want an Iphone. Hook or by crook.
Planning it to steal it from someone as soon as I get the chance.

Buy it?
If that would have been possible you really think this would have been in my WANTS list?

6. A face tattoo.

I have expressed my desire to have a face tattoo earlier in this blog. Go check it out. Here.
Just like Mike Tyson. Oooooh.
*day dreams but is interrupted by the thought how her mom is gonna kick her ass*

5. A holiday in Goa.

I have already told you how I have barely traveled. Beaches no you. *sob*
So Goa has been a dream since forever. (and that dream became more frequent since a friend went there)

4. Long hair.

Yes. I lust for hair. Though me not able to handle it for a single day is entirely a different matter.
And as soon as they grow even an inch I get them cut off.
So my want that god bestows his almighty powers on me and I get super long hair in a day and I dont have to work on it.


3. I want 1000 followers.

I want 1000 followers on my blog. Well not exactly followers . They are easy to get.
But readers.
And plus a custom domain.

Isnt it like every bloggers dream?

2. To become a chartered accountant.

Explains it all.

1. Lose weight.

The ever losing battle with weight. Will win it. someday


Lost the cheery status. Again.
Life's giving me lemons. And hey hey dont give me that lemonade shit alright? I hate lemonade.

God gives me a new sketch pen just to go and make my life all colorful.
And what do I do with it?
Make doodles.

Head all clogged with all kinds of shit.
Taking forever to bring brain in working order.
How long does forever last, again?

You know how people like to be seen as busy just because it sounds all impressive?
And then I got really busy for real and I hated even the smell of it.

And now I am totally jobless (technically work less)
and How desperately crave for the busy status.
Funny, no?


I hate the clouds playing hide and seek with me.
Either you rain or you don't.
Why give false hopes to people.


At a phase where nothing goes right,
Not even the songs in your head.
You stuck with the shittiest songs in your head (No you wouldn't want to know. OK its jalebi bai. Kill me, no?)
and you swear to yourself you sing this one more time and you going to slap yourself.

Just then your brain pops out its tongue and yells naaaaaaam..! Jalebi Bai...!*slaps* Hard.

And how dare you say I am Emo blogger..?
*curse you. thrice*

Been to Gurgaon. Okay there's this Beer Island owned by Arshad Warsi where I went to.
Bloody rich people.

And point to be noted. They have pathetic food. Except chilly chicken.
*pats stomach*

Nice decorum though.

I am intent on changing the blog layout. Yes. Again.
Please tell me I am going bonkers.
I am just too obsessed with the all black look.


Bai Bai.... (Jalebi Bai inspired.)
I should sooo kill myself right now.

P.S:  I hate having cold. *sniff*

P.P.S: I once heard a song by Three Days grace and now I just cant remember its name. Help me no? suggest me its best songs.

P.P.P.S: Not seen Harry Potter. Yes even today. I am just putting it off somehow. That way it will all get over for me at a later stage. I just dont want it now alright.


  1. Coming back after quite a while and seriously ...I was lost once again. One thing that I did noticed and missed was the name "past mischief" which you'd used instead of simple archives you're using with this theme. As for the rest ...your content is as erratic and interesting as it used to be and as much confounding too. But loony as I am - not like in the loony "moony" via HP - I get by with the help of my pretense (was trying to rhyme with Joe Crocker) Cheers!

  2. Hehe ... Thanx a lot. Yes that might have been lost while changing the theme .. But will get back to it. I didn't notice it myself. Amused you noticed such a small change too.

    Thanx for the opinion too. You were missed. Visit more frequently pliss.

  3. Sigh. Even I'm bored.Plus I want to get back at you for calling my post boring. :P

    Anyways, I prefer the you ranting with my awesomeness included within part :P

    P.S. You can't curse me. I'm a zombie *ta ra ra raaaa*

  4. Oh and I wasn't the one who gave you a blah :P

  5. Admit it. Coz it was hell at that.

    And zombies can be cursed. I can curse you that a hippo poos all over your face. And I guess hippo poop is a curse for all. Humans and zombies alike.

    Dont mind the stoopidness. Loads of study yu know.

    P.S: You are sooo dead.

  6. How come you know so much about hippo poop. Who knows, maybe it's good for the skin or something. Maybe you can try and let me know :D

    And I swear I didn't rate a blah :| Even though it was tempting :P

  7. Indeed you've got bonkers! Completely Mad, but you know what.. All the best people are ;)
    *err that wasnt the exact dialogue but I tried*

    Please dont change the blog template, this one's great :)
    And oh, I love the challenges .. infact thinking on takin up a 30 Day challenge but looking the the calender I know i wont be able to complete it cuz of busy days ahead.
    Maybe I could pre-schedule the posts.. maybe you could do that too ;)
    Write em all at once and then schedule em.
    Love that feature :D

    Anyways im talkin too much. it seems..
    Tc :)

  8. @dozingdodo
    My skins great. You need it more.

  9. @defiantprincess
    Oh so you finally visited huh?
    Its a rule here when you follow you follow everyday else go shooo
    *winks* kidding girl.

    Umm the templates good but it isnt black .I want black.
    *cries like a kid*

    And yes the feature is great but then I have this irritating habit of adding things to the post until it isnt published.

    So it will be huge work .

  10. haha.. could relate to the restlessness so much :)

    Nice blog!

    Like the template :)

  11. congrats! you been tagged for new blogger award :)

  12. @S
    Glad you found the connection. Thanx
    Keep visiting


  14. @alchemist
    ooooh *excited* thanx alot.

  15. @bhuvnesh.
    I know. Shutup alright.

  16. hey there nia!!.. apologies for late rply! bt ur post was awsm n dat too becoz of 1 thng!.. iphone!! yr if u try'n to steal 1.. ek aur chura lio mere liye bhi plz!!
    n i guess i hade u heard a sng by 3 day grace.. it cud be
    1. i hate evrythng abt you
    2. gone forever
    3. i dont care(apocalyptica)
    4. home
    5. never too late
    6 wake up
    7. (search the album: life starts now; listen to lost in you, last to know especially)


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