10 Day YOU Challenge: DAY THREE

To be honest I am bored.
What the hell, why should I go about following someones order.
And what is this challenge anyway..

Blah blah blah 10, 9 , 8
What do you get out this.

So thereon I declare I am not going further with the challenge
and I am back to my regular posts again.

So yes be happy no challenge posts.


SO what to write ?
*scratching head*

*puppy eyes*

I have nothing else to write..

So I guess I am back to the challenge

Where was I?
Ten secrets Check
Nine loves Check
So today it is:
Eight Fears
Yeah right easy.
I don't fear anything.
I am the almighty. I am awesome.
People fear me.

End of story.
Day three done.

Alright alright don't give me that
we-know-you-are-hiding-something look.

So 8things I fear here it goes:

8. I FEAR of being imperfect.

Yes I have to be perfect. Always. Period.
I researched about it too. They actually have a name for it.
7. I FEAR growing up.

Childhood was the best. We all agree.
Who doesn't want to go back.
But life right now is not bad as well.
But further on its just going to get worse.

Getting old, tensions, jobs and stuff.

7. I FEAR change.

I do not want to change. In most cases.
I have the same breakfast everyday. Yes. Everyday.
And I don't want to change. I don't want to try new things. I want stuff I have tried like a thousand times before already.
Ask friends who I have tortured making them have chilly chicken with me every evening.

Yes. I am weird like that.
6. I FEAR darkness.

I fear darkness. When lights are out.
Because then is when my oh-so-imaginative brain works the most and sets on
showing me the ugliest monsters ever.
Not really creative though. Most of the characters
are inspired from constantine, quarantine, grudge and the shittiest movies I have ever seen.

5.I FEAR of never gettingto wear heels

I cant carry off heels. And I fear I wont be able to. Ever.
Its a big thing alright.

4. I FEAR rejection.

Well we all have that. Big deal.

3. I FEAR bugs.

Any kind. Yes. Typical girly stuff. huh?
2. I FEAR heights and deja vu's.

Oh I already told you that.
If you don't remember go click here.

1. I FEAR of being awesome

*evil laugh*
Yes. My biggest fear is the fear of becoming soo awesome
that the human race cant handle it
and everyone dies.


All in all a boring post.
Yeah I know.
I was bored writing it too.


I havent watched Harry Potter yet.
Kill me Jesus.

Going tomorrow.

Anyway I found this.
Go be happy.

I went for a look change today.
Someone who doesn't take herself too seriously and can be a goofball. Because everyone's a nerd inside, I don't care how cool you are.
 You cant really make anything out because of the huge editing.
But then shhhhhh... I cant risk to reveal my identity.
My parents will disown me dude.

P.S : Did you know 38% of the people dont mind peeing in the shower provided it is theirs.
Just telling.

P.P.S: Keep smiling. You never know when someone will fall in love with it.
I just did.

Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.


  1. awe-fucking-some!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thank-grateful-you.....!! lame :p

  3. With reference to the percentage of people peeing in the shower, did YOU know that 76.1063 % of all statistics is cooked up? :D
    P.S: This is no exception. ;)

  4. naaah the percentage isn't cooked up.
    Maybe the survey was !! *winks*

  5. AWSmmmmmm post !! jst bcoz its nt tyical dat ppl tok abt dis stuff bt u do here.. jst awsm

    n i loved d harry potter dialogue strip! hhahah :D
    n i also do fear change nw.. kinda hard to handle yr.. jaisa h waise chalne do ab acha lgta h..hai naa?


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