10 Day YOU Challenge: DAY ONE

You all readers
(how many of you are there, again? umm 1, 2 , 2 and a half..
well. Whatever.)
You readers.

You might have already noticed that I have lost the zing to write.
You know the gods of laziness have bestowed there enlightening presence on me
and awarded me with...
well you know laziness.

As if I didn't have loads of it already.
Anyways laziness combined with a totally empty (like the first days of RGV films)
equals to a dying blog.

So call it my mouth to mouth resuscitation for my blog,
here I am with....
*drum rolls*

 *scratches my head*
Okay dumbhead. Yes you.
Let me explain.
First day I ll be telling you guys my TEN secrets
Day two my NINe loves and so on.

I am totally jobless.

I want to be more regular on the blog.

And Plus Plus.
I am starting to study from tommorow.
And this requires less of brain.
(A fraction left already)

So here goes nothing.

By the way I got this idea from fellow bloggers
And specifically this blog over here Bits n Peices
Yes go check her out.
And yeah I changed the official picture.
You got a problem?

So here goes nothing again.

Like really ? TEN secrets?
who the hell designed this challenge in the first place.
Secret is such a hush hush thing so it shoud have been the day ten thingie..
One secret.
So that you people wait for it.

Stupid Earthling.


So 10 secrets of mine:

10. I prefer texting than calling:
I love texting. Calling is like a strenuous task. And then you talk for about 5min and you feel you dont have anything else to talk about.

Boy: Ummm I need to tell you something
Girl: What is it..?
Boy: I like a girl.
Girl: Ohhh that is good.
Boy:Yeah it is. Wont you wanna know who it is?
Girl: Sure who?
Boy: She has black hair like you.
Girl: uh huh.

And then the conversation goes on and on where the boy tells her how distinctively similar the crush is to her
and after like the millionth persuasion the guy tells that the crush is her itself

Boy: Ummm I need to tell you something
Girl: What is it..?
Boy: I like a girl.
Girl: Ohhh that is good.
Boy:Yeah it is. Wont you wanna know who it is?
Girl: Sure who?
Boy: she is in my class.
Girl: uh huh.
Boy: She has black hair like you.
Girl: Hmm
Boy: She has hazel brown eyes like you.

In texting its always convenient to nag and make sarcasms the meanest ones in a serious and i-ll-kill-you-if-you-dont-explain-yourself way and then pretend you had been kidding and teasing him all this time.
While in calling your speaking tone always gives you in.

Many a times, when people call me I text them back 'I cant talk. I am in class. Talk on text.'
*sheepish smile*

9. I once eave-teased a boy.
It was a truth and dare game alright.
The task was I had to eavetease the first guy/girl that I find walking down the road.

And there I pretending as confident as ever and praying a truck hits me that moment
stood there waiting for my prey.
In the distance we saw a boy looking well off
(thank god for that. A roadside Romeo would have so ruined the prank.)
walking towards me.
10 metres distance in between us and I shouted.
And ran at usain bolt speed in whatever direction I was standing.

8. I get really insecure when my boo talks  to anyone.
Yes. Anyone. Gal/Boy whatever.
No I dont dount him for being gay.
I just want to be the center of attention for him. Always. Yes Always.

Everything of him should revolve around me. Just me.

Yes I am crazy like that.

7. I have searched on Google to insult a person.
Okay this guy on facebook had been pestering me. Everyday.
The moment I came online he poped up with hi, hello, whats up
The sky is. Fuck off. Dont you have any work in the world.

So this day I had been totally vella and facebook was the only thing on my desktop.
Though that is really unusual. I usually have a hundred things on my desk.

He: Hi.
Me: If I was as ugly as you were, I wouldn't say Hi to folks, I'd say BOO!
He:  Nice sense of humor. what are you doing?
Me: Being happy since I didn't have to pay. I usually pay an admission ticket to see the likes of you.
He: Have you gone insane?
Me: No you have. Oh wait calling you an insane will be an insult to all the mad people.
He: I am not able to figure you out.
Me: Listen, are you always this stupid or are you just making a special effort today?
He: I am leaving.
*me no reply*
Okay I was totally amused by this.
I started searching google if I could find an insult fitting into this.
And then I did find.

Because AFTER 5MIN.

He: I have changed my mind.
Me: Oh you changed your mind. So, what did you do with the diaper?
6. Low graphic games.
I love games.
With world class graphics.
Speacially the GTA series.
Thanks to my new laptop with the awesome video card
I am able to play them at my ease too.

But when it comes to being addicted to games when you have nothing to do.
I usually end up
on the retro low graphics snake or tetris on my phone.

5. I am superstitious on personal demand.
I am usually the one Shouting out loud in rebel when the crazy people in my family talk about superstitions.
But when it comes to myself. I usually end up being a crazy freaky superstition-er.

If my first exam goes well I make sure I carry the same pen, bag, wear the same underwear, and put the same makeup that I did that day to other exams as well.

4. I suck at verbal fights
Whenever it comes to fight or flight in a confrontation, I usually opt for fight only regretting the decision minutes later.
I mostly (unless the oppsite person is a sissy) lose.
And then 5min later I have like five hundreds options as to what all I could have said.
And then I have myself wishing to god. Only if this could be rewinded and I was allowed to fight again I would have said this.
And then.

3. I usually do not know what to do with my hands during a conversation.
And trust me its awwwwkward.

2.I have barely traveled.
Just the north of India that is.
Never been to beaches. Oh I wish.
*day dreams* (though technically its night)

1. I am afraid of heights and deja vu's.

They just give me goosebumps.
Its not a big thingy. But no one knows it except me.
So the first position to it.

Wow. I did manage all the ten isnt it.
*pats herself on the back*
*clap clap*
Thank you thank you.


In other news.
Bowling happened. Again.

Its weird how I lose every time. Yes every single time.
Yet I manage to enjoy it so damn much.
But but but the first strike was mine.
That counts. Alright.

I wish to tell you so much but this post has already been too long
and I am almost 80% sleepy.
So I dont want to write stuff like a drunk person
(Didnt I tell you I am equivalent to a drunk when I am more than 80% sleepy)
Too much maths for a day.


  1. I TOO love to text and have barely travelled except the north :P

    Dayumn you make this challenge even more fun :)
    I did this on my blog too a while back, you might wanna check that to ;)
    P.S. not as Interesting as you make it !

  2. Hey hey I mentioned you here. Bits n pieces. That is where I got this idea from.

    it was awesome there that why this challenge here.

    tch tch tch..
    No regards.

  3. intersting post n idea/...!!!! 10 days f yourself..!! n me too same wid d travelling yr..only north, n nvr been to south...i guess v shud plan a trip.. chalo chale!!!

  4. Interesting post Neha! Funny, Sharp and Witty!

  5. LOL, well that was quite a big ten seeing the length of it. But I love GTA, along with many others. And I also loved angry birds.

    And you might not be good at verbal battles, but you sure did some great insulting on FB there.

    Interesting Post.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  6. @rohit nayak:
    Well thanx alot new visitor.

    Good to see you here.
    Keep visiting.
    Btw its Nia :p

  7. @BA

    Thanx alot.
    Yeah. fb gave me more time to think
    and then there was google of course. :p

  8. One. I like texting for the same reason.

    Two. I suck at verbal fights and usually end with yeah yeah whatever. But in the written ones, I am awesome. Period. B|

    Three. I make weird hand motions while talking specially when I'm trying to prove a point. :P

    P.S. Loved the post.

  9. hehe. So you did find the connect for once.

    P.S: Comment faster pliss. I kinda wait for it maaaan.

  10. Yeah it's the lazy ass part :P

    Btw, my evil genius brain came up with something. :P

    Now original but whatever :P

  11. What is it ? What is it?

    Btw even I came up with one. Not sure about the implementation yet though.

    What is yours? Tell me fast pleeeeeej...?

  12. Eve teased a boy? Seriously? I think you should have waited to take note of his reaction.
    P.S: Is Adam-tease a word? :D

  13. Man, really ?? And waited for him to say I am available ?? :p whatever be it accept it boys are freaks and I am hot
    *laughs like a maniac*

    Adam-tease ?? HmmM.... Worth thinking !! Maybe me eveteasing should be called Adam teasing isn't it ?? Hmm

    Btw hey new visitor .
    Welcome here.
    Keep visiting.

  14. cool and interesting post...like it..:)

  15. I am an mirror image of you , i mean in attitudes, watever i do, i thought, everything, had been described here and m startled....

  16. Wish we meet someday... as i read your post ... as i was jumping and reading ...


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