10 Day YOU Challenge: DAY TWO

So I finally managed to reach Day two? Eh?
Well considering how I have a tendency to be bored with everything I do halfway,
and leaving it as it is,
It sure is surprising I have managed to stay on this blog for so long.

Anyways, SO DAY TWO here it is:

Nine Loves.
This is somehow my favourite day in the challenge.

1. Nine is my lucky no.
2. There are sooooooooooooooo many things that I love,
So this post wont be much of a problem.
3. Life is all about love, Isnt it?
Pessimists out please.



Here it is!



.I ♥ My blog. My Babie Girl.

A snap of my blog on my blog itself.
Gosh. EPIC.
Its like having a dream IN a dream.

Unexpected na? Who would have thought I would write this.
All of you?
Duh. Go die.

8. I music.

Music is the best thing that has ever happened to this world.
And I am really interested in playing guitar;
But the hard part: I'd have to learn it first. 
Sadly, I don't get enough time lately. But sometime in future, I know I'll definitely learn it!

Whenever I am, I love to plug in the headphones and keep the world out of my brain.
My savior in the most boring trances of my life.

7. I waking

It is weird. Coz most of the people love to sleep.
I on the other hand love being awake. Or just say not sleeping.
Sleeping is such a waste of time.
And as castle rightly said:

You ll have plenty of time to sleep when you are dead.

6. I dogs.

If you have been like a regular reader. You already know this.
So no elaborations.

5. I water.

Specially if the moonlight is falling on it.
EPIC moment.
Well rains too.
In short anything related to water.
I feel a connection to it.
Maybe I am a mermaid disguised as a human.

4. I clicking pics.

Of things not of people. Except me of course.

And of dogs. And of trees.
And of sunsets. And of birds.
Well you get the point isnt it.
Practically of anything.

3. I being a kid.

Well I was mature until recently.
But now I have figured out I love being a kid more.
Not being the responsible one. Leaving the maturity part to someone else.
I basically have an African child trapped inside me
With an ego of a 40 year old.
And a cheap ranting glass heart.

2. I dancing.

Particularly crazy dance.
And I dont care if anybody is watching.
Music just makes me do that.
A demon possesses me and I start doing the weirdest movemoents
with my hands and legs which people
are confused as to in which category to put it in.
So I made it easier for them.
I call it

1. I my people.

Family, friends and him.
Friends and family. The usual.

Him. ahem ahem
*blush blush*
What to say.
Its just the moment we have been together we knew it is for forever.


Yay. So I finally did it huh..!!
End of Day two.


Finally I started studying today.
Opened the book counted the chapters.
Made a plan how many days, dividing chapters.
Closed the books.

And study over.
That is a good start alright.

Wanna read a good post?

WARNING: Donot Donot Donot read the latest post of his.
His brain is on a mini-vacation.
Yes literally.
But if you looking for a goodnight sleep then it is recommended.


Loads of love,

P.S : I am a twitter illiterate,  here I said it. By the way I said it the second time in a day.



  1. Love your new ideas of posting 10 thngs on evry oder day..n ofcourse d way u express thngs out in word..specially whn it describes me sumwhr in b/w..hehe..luv ur work..keep it up..n luv ya loads..can't forget dis..mwaaahhhhhh.. ;) :)

  2. Haa still you felt the need to read and comment ? Strange !

  3. that sure wasnt very hard for you to spill out...
    hope the rest of it will go on too

  4. Hope so too. Btw welcome new visitor.

  5. Surprising your blog followers/readers do not find a place in the list :P

  6. Haha.. They are included in the blog my dear.

  7. You wrote something for my blog! *ignores that last boring comment* *wipes tears*

    I'm starting to like this challenge thing! Day Three fast PLEASE!

    P.S. I didn't comment earlier cuz well, I fell asleep last night. :P

  8. I like dogs, and most of the things you mentioned, (except Him, of course , and other obvious things :P)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  9. Guitar!!!!!!!!!!! my love too!!.. n dnt wry u got a frnd who will teach u guitar.. :)


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