10 Day YOU Challenge: DAY SEVEN

A quick post before the challenge thingy.
Life's been fine. Treating me good. ZNMD happened.
Some of the parts were extremely good.
Though I am sad no one died.
Had a weird dream. I along with my family were having dinner discussing a weighty issue GODKNOWSWHAT. Suddenly my cousin was so sad that he left the table without having his food. Seeing him even everyone else did.
But I didnt. You know why? Yes because I was damn hungry. 
I am surprised I am as smart as myself even when I am sleeping.
Other news. Gym's been going fine. Except the fact I am not going anywhere with it. Uhhh Paleeeez.
Yes. The war is still on with the weight. Though I tend to not show up at the battlefield more often.
Today I did show up. Well I am not really amused you know. All weird kind of people end up there. Me included. 
Okay so did I tell you I am a kind soul. When I take a break to drift my panting self towards the water cooler I usually fill my glass and offer it to the person standing next to me(if any)
So nice of me. *wipes tear on kerchief*
Alright my hidden intention: I usually take a hell lot of time there. The task of drinking gallons of water isnt easy mind you. So its better to put off people staring at you.
So there is this guy who I once offered water to.
He was at the water cooler. 
As soon as I went to stand beside him for my turn he was all in for his most compassionate looks and offering me water. Unexpected and NOTE: really tired as I was I blurted out Thaaaaaaanku.
Its not like I wanted to make an impression on him. I HAVE A BF hello?
Still I dont want people to judge me alright? 
Dude I spoke like a hindi school teacher speaking English. Maybe worse.

Then there were these guys with all over muscles looking as if they ll get dug in the ground any second because of the weight on their biceps and stuff. Seriosly if you are my size your one thigh will be equal to their one arm. I wonder how they walk. And I wonder how do these people hug other people. Poor they. They includes the latter people :girlfriends and other people they hug. They would literally squeeze them to death if they have a happy happy moment when they wish to hug a little more tighlt than ever.
And the most funny part. These 3 clones who look HULK WANNABES and BULKY than most people
stopped this helper who cleans the gym and stuff 
and questioned him with the most life threatning question ever...
OYE kiske biceps sabse zyada lag rhe hai bta?
Okay this may not be as funny but I was amused alright?

The crazy people freaks I have to see everyday. Gaaaaaaawd.
This wasnt much of a quick post actually.
Whatever. Go on with the rest of the post now.
Coz now I dance
for no reason whatsover.


Ten Secrets
Nine Loves
Eight Fears
Seven Wants
Six Places
Five Foods
Four Books


4. Twilight

Read closely this is twilight.
I had this pic from long time back.
Loved it
I guess it was waiting for a post like this.

3. P.G Wodehouse.

2. Harry Potter
Isnt that obvious.

1. Playing with fire. 
Susan Moody.
I dont wish to explain. 
I am bored.



  1. Gym is actually one of the most amusing places one could go to.

  2. Hehe.. yeah if you start noticing people. Each one is funny in its own way..

  3. I dont get it why men need biceps the size of a log. It really makes them look like a transformer.

    Ah gym is an awesome place to gossip an observe.ly makes them look like a transformer.

    Ah gym is an awesome plac

  4. Seriously they look more like hall monitors on stereoids than anything else . Hmm gym interestingy....

  5. gym amusing?! ahh its nt if u take it seriously..


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