5 ways to break up with your girlfriend

Breaking up with someone is the worst. They get all sad and start crying.
Then they’re like, “But I thought you loved me.” 
Who wants to deal with that? Not me.
Here are five fool-proof ways to kick someone out of your life without having to watch them turn into an emotional wreck. Note: Although these all say “girlfriend,” they’re sure to work on boys, too.


P.S : Suffering from blogging block. Loads of ideas in head but incomplete. Cant get them to form sense.
Was sad being away from my bloggie. So thought of amusing you with a comic strip.
Will soon be back.

In other news: Isnt this littly mittly cute?

I thought so too. My cousin just got it.
Name's Brittany. No they aren't related.


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  2. Thanx a lot darwin!! Glad to here that.....
    Will check out the link for sure ! :D

  3. Hey I dont want to kick anyone from my life and I hate prison. Actualy I do not have any gf to kick away. For the yesterday's clearance I was looking for crazy and funny writer and I found you. Nice comments for the crazy people.

  4. Haha, this was really uhmm.. good. :P

    So you're going through a blogging blog. hmmm.. Try sitting in front of a computer for an hour without doing anything. All stoopid crap shall appear before your very own eyes. *Poof* :P

    Trust me, I'm a living proof :D

  5. Thanx gauti. So finally you read my blog.
    And if you havent noticed I even wished you on this world famous blog of mine.
    No regards.

  6. @sarang Well that is great if you dont want to dump anyone.

    And if you hate prison try the 4th method. My personal favourite.

  7. @dozing dodo..
    Well thanx.
    1st for the compliment
    2nd for sparing me with the word awesome. :p

    And trust me I have tried that too .. But i guess my brain is in Hawaii enjoying its vacation and doesnt want to work. I am trying to convince him to take out a little time and mail me some posts.
    But you know crappy brains can be right??

  8. dude... the not showering thing might actualy work :P :D
    + bloggie is the cutest dog ever :)
    i hope you raise him well! and dont eat his pedigree
    OK! keep posting :)

  9. hahaha...nyc post neha!! n kabhi relation todne ka maan hua toh i'l sure use dis stuff...dis is more of like barney stuff! dis shud go in playbook yr!! awsmm!! :)

  10. @bhuvnesh omg how do yu know ?
    Pedigree yummm ...
    Hehe !! Kiddin

    So finally yu bestowed my blog wid your precious visit !

  11. @gaurav
    Barney stinson *salute*
    Still nothing can beat the mermaid theory of his!ng can beat the mermaid theory of his!

  12. step 4 is good but I told you that I do not have any gf who will I break with. Hey neha thats not fair. I visit your daily, comment and have followed but you havent followed or even commented on my blog yet.

  13. Good one.... here's one that works really well. blog about your sex life together..... works every time when you mention how you fantasize about her sister!

  14. @new nonities
    Thanx alot.

    @steve bailey. Thanx alot.
    But errrr... I am not really into that.

  15. Him? Are you sure your brain's male? :P Yeah.. brains on holiday is like serious disaster.

    P.S. I like that new cursor thingy :P

  16. Yeah I guess it is !! Since its so egoistic !!

    P.S: glad someone noticed !

  17. My first visit and let me say your blog is literally mind boggling. I hope soon you're out of your 'block'

  18. @chandra wow comments like yours sure make my day!! Thanx a lot for visiting.
    Hope to see you here often.

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  20. Lol. Gotta try the 'convince her you never existed' trick. I did it and it worked... for about five days when she found my high school senior picture in the deepest archives of her computer. Then she bribed her best friend to give her my phone number


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