Another week Just goes by... Waves me goodbye..! Lol.. Lame..!

Long Break. Not exactly from classes or studies.
That I guess is the only thing I ll actually die with.
Who the fuck said you dont take anything when you die.
I guess even in hell (yeah. I presume I am going to end up there) my totally America-gives-torture inspired teachers will make sure that I am being tormented the ugliest way possible.
Yes studying Chartered Accountancy.

Btw have you ever noticed how often I deviate from what I originally start talking about.
Right now. Living example.

So where was I? Yeah A long break. Not from studies. Not from classes. Not from my daily routines.

I remember the time, the moment I used to switch off my lappy my hands started twitching in the weirdest manner, my nostrils started to flare and gave lily's you-are-dead to me look to anyone who interrupted. OK this didn't happen.  I just said for the melodramatic effect. I just become a statue and start staring into nothingness. That nothingness can be anywhere. Girls dont take me wrong. As a matter of fact even boys. Ewwwww.

Yes readers this was the phase in which I swapped into my imaginative dimensions filled with the most flowery ideas. Then unable to switch onto the lappy again Courtesy: Mom's You-dare-touch-it-and-i-ll-kill-you-right-now looks. So I run. Swoosh Swoosh swoosh. Alright I gave it the most stoopid sound effect . But still you got it right?
I run towards my bb (blackberry!! Duh. Where do you live ? The sixteenth century or what.?) and jot down whatever is in my mind for future posts refference.

Now same routine. The same timings. But the law of nature. Times change. 
Lappy closed. For entirely non-blogging purposes. Bb left stranded. Winds blowing. A single leaf flies its way into the room and onto the laptop.
(Gosh my melodrama again. Nothing of that sort happened.)
One sentence that makes me happy when I am sad, and makes me sad when I am happy.
(though I am too busy being happy I hardly remember. But then there are the sad times as well . *sob*)
This too shall pass
So the excessive blogging, filled up to the rim with ideas phase has eventually passed.
But on a happy note. This Sob-I-dont-have-a-post phase would pass too.
Yay. Have you noticed its so difficult to bring me down. 

And then I have been having fun these days. Not that yay-I-dont-have-to-study fun. But fun.
Have totally jam packed weeks. For instance this week.
Monday - I was off to movie
Tuesday- Class.Weird neighborhood function. But then for free food I am always ready. Besides I joined gym. GOOD NEWS. Havent gained a pound.
Wednesday- Family function. Gym.
Thursday- Class. Gym.
Friday- Hangover with friends. Not the movie. *winks*.
Saturday- Family function part 2 . Yeah my family is awesome like that.
Sunday- Boo time. *xoxo*

So you want to give me the Oscar? Better if you talk to my secretary. I ll see if I can make it.

And besides this legendary guy here said that "You can't write about the happy times, cause you're too busy living them."
I guess explains it all.

in my life update.
My cousins came for stay at my place. Had a fun time. Didnt leave a single movie unwatched.
10 movies. 2 days. Yes we are awesome. Thank you.

Boo as loving as ever. Glad. The 6th. Yes today. The special day. Loving it too.

My alter Ego : The attitude diva Candace (Yeah she is too inspired by Phineas and Ferb) is bratty as ever.
More details about it in the next post.

Observed dogs howling at midnight. Tried to respond to them by howling back from the balcony but they werent willing enough to let me in there group.

Anyways inspired by comic making came up with these.


The proof that they are actually mine is that you wont find something as lame as this anywhere else.

Till then,
Enjoy life
You dont know how long its going to last.
Have a blast.
Get drunk everyday.
That brings the inner child in you.
Sponsors: Budweiser

*evil laugh*
Love you guys.


P.S: I dont have a P.S today. Gosh. Weird. It just feels incomplete without a P.S. So here it goes.


  1. Those smileys are my favorite-st part of the blog. Well I like the nonsense you write down too, but the smileys are the best. :P

    P.S. I don't have a P.S. But I always add something for you in the P.S. :P

  2. Thanx a lot.
    P.S: the only status in which yu aren't fighting with me .

  3. no P.S today!? *hurt*
    P.S- nice editing with the pics
    P.P.S- dude! chewing gum in her tea?? EPIC!

  4. 'Winds blowing. A single leaf flies its way into the room and onto the laptop...'

    hahahaha... :D
    u described d scene vry well!.. i like dis.. n yr wo i m cool wala smily toh awsm tha!..aur wo boo wala b :D :D
    frm where do u get dese???..c'mon u gotta tel me yr!!

  5. all the pics are awesome.. emma watson? NOOOO! :P :D

  6. all the pics are awesome.. emma watson? NOOOO! :P :D


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