Award And 10 Day YOU Challenge: DAY FIVE . Bah

After years and years of blogging
of leaving my studies just for the sake of blogging
For distributing freebies on my blog.
(Alright all that isnt true.)
Except the award part.
Coz its fucking frigging farging TRUE.

I have been awarded with 

I would like to thank my parents
(who have no fucking clue I run this blog)
My boo
My friends
(who never read my blog. We dont like to read. What are you alive for then?)
My house maid for not asking me to get up while brooming
my room
and letting me live in dirt.
My neighbor for the making the most irritating kids
My fellow bloggers
(who never comment enough. Kidding)
*goes on and on until people start throwing tomatoes at her*
Hey hey tomatoes have gotten frigging expensive alright.
*shower of eggs start*

Havent even completed two months of blogging 
And an award already.
*day dreams about having the noble prize someday*
Well is there a nobel prize about blogging?
Just asking.

This award has been awarded to me by
I ll thank alchemist for this. 
You have been very kind indeed. 

My first award.
Oooh. I feel ecstatic already.

Nothing comes without the Astrix huh.
The Astrix right here/the rules are:

1. Write a post displaying the award.
2. Write three good things about blogging.
3. Write three bad things about blogging.
4. Pass on this award to three new bloggers.
So here I go.

1.Write a post displaying the award.

Three good things about blogging:

1. For me blogging helps to unclog my mind.
And trust me if you might have lived in my brain 
blogging is like the vacuum cleaner.
2. Blogging has made me know really wonderful people from 
different parts of the world.
Its really nice to know these people with their own
thoughts, opinions. A great inspiration as well.

3. It gives me a self pride.
Like I own a place. A real place at that.
This blog is like an asset.

2. Write three good things about blogging.

 Three Bad things about blogging.

1.Its hell addictive.
I end up more often enough on my blog page than facebook these days.

2. Its hell addictive.
Once I visit this place.
I am like researching for all kinds of things to enhance my blog
even though applying none at the end
at boooooom I just loss 4 hours of studying.

3. Its hell addictive.
And it depresses me when I have nothing to write.

Write three bad things about blogging.


This was the first blog I fell in love with.
Yes even before falling in love with my own.
Even though he isnt that new into blogging.
Heard the phrase better late than never eh?

The first time I visited his blog and I was like everything in it was so
frigging perfect. I wanted to copy all of it.
Even did. Once
*puppy eyes*
Went through all of the posts in a single day.
I hope my award inspires him to blog often.
His best post according to me:
Specially the pic.
Sheer Perfection as he calls it.

A blog I recently discovered
This awesome girl Shreya owns it.
You ll instantly be head over heels 
for her payful writing style.
And her simple layout. 
No ads no widgets.
Utter simplicity.
I likey.
Still reading all the posts.
So till yet
BEST POST according to me:

Goes by the name of
Defiant Princess.
Sharing fragments from my life.
Thats what the header says.
Her writing is so simple and innocent 
that you cannot help but fall in love with it. 
 she seems to write a leaf out of my life with every single post of hers.
I Love this post: 
Though the post ends abruptly.
I find a connection to it somehow.

He is a new blogger.
Really new.
Just a month I guess.
But love his writing style.
The way he makes absolute non sense rantings worth reading
And you cant help yourself but smile.
The subtle sense of humour 
I wish I had.
Best post:
Dont miss the billionare list.
ANd he has a dearth of followers right now.
So follow him no?

4. Pass on this award to three new bloggers.
I passed it on to four people.
You got a problem?
Screw the rules.


Well back to the challenge of course.

Ten Secrets
Nine Loves
Eight Fears
Seven Wants
Six Places

I want this to end.
Good thing. It gets easier everyday. 

Writing them all together though. 
Cant tolerate questioning my brain in a torture cell every day.
Yes. Castle style. Minus Rick.

Hey hey hey dont go this isnt a long post.
I spare you that.

I ll publish it different days.
On second note why did I even tell you this.
*scratches head*


Six Places?

6. Goa. Obviously Man.

Don't tell me you didn't expect this.
You didn't?
You are soo not regular on my blog.
Go read this.

5. Alaska
ooooooh I love snow.

4. Los Angeles.
Ummm. Various reasons.



Proposal on the Eiffel Tower.
Ooh. EPIC.
*dreamy eyes.*

2. Japan
Japan is the world's most advanced country. That gives me reason enough to love it.

1. Dubai
Dubai is just beautiful.
And with all the recent development going on there,
I bet it would turn into one of the world's most developed places really soon.
From what I've heard about Dubai from people living there, they say that its just like Mumbai.
Though I don't see any Burj Al Arab in Mumbai. Another reason for me to like Dubai is - yes you guessed it - the Dubai shopping festival. Dubai is famous for it all around the globe and a lot of my friends have gone shopping there during the festival.
Not to remain the only one left, 
I will go there once, not just for shopping, but... 
ok well, just for shopping. :)

Six Places

In other news someone told me my layout is great.
So yes I am not changing it.
For now.

I told you earlier I went for a look change earlier didnt I? Yeah so I am all nerdy for now.
Went to class today.
And this girl who hates me like anything (Well trust me the feelings are mutual) comes around and says : Gosh your spectacles are ugly.
"Well I can take them off anytime, but what the hell will you do with your face?"
And yes this counter attack didnt happen in my brain like most times.
I actually said that.



  1. Woohooooooooooo! My first award! *does victory dance*

    Yeah so here's my acceptance speech...

    First of all I'd like to thank Nia. She's really awesome just like her blog. And no matter how hard it may seem to believe, I really do mean it. *blows into kerchief*

    Next, I'd like to thank all the non existent readers out there. You guys rock! And this time, I don't mean it. Just kidding. :P

    Last but not the least, I'd like to thank Mr. Brain, who's on a mini vacation in Hawaii right now but will be back to doing what it's best at. Hopefully.

    Goodbye and I hope to see you on my blog sometime in my life :D

  2. You're such a sweetheart. Thanks bazillion Neha, means a lot.

    Be careful of what you love though, you never know...

    Also, don't ever change your layout if someone wants you too. This is your blog, let it reflect yourself.

    And yes, I will blog more often now.
    Or I will at least try.

    Thanks again.

  3. Hehe... Thanx. Alot.

    Btw you could use this awesome speech for your blog instead. :p

  4. @pj
    Did you notice what your initial means.
    Wellunlike that your blog desrved it. Though its a bit late but not my fault I would have awarded earlier if I got it myself.

    Ummm and the thing is people dont want me to change the layout its my goddamn freaking brain.
    Too obsessed with black you know.

  5. Yeah I know. I'm working on it now. Will include parts of this one it too. It's really hard cuz brain isn't back from vacation yet. :P

  6. I love the counter attack!!!!
    Congrats! First award eh? I knw thr r more on the way.
    If u find out abt noble prize for bloggin...lemme knw

    will u, pretty?

  7. Hehe. Thanks. I was surprised. Coz usually such fights happen only in my brain and ehat I actually respond is duh. Always.

    And sure.
    Will let you know.

  8. ZOMG thanks, woman. =D

    I love my blog, too! Yay. =D

    That was one longass post. I'm going to follow your blog right away! Thanks, hero! =D

  9. Hehe... Well too musch to say.. So the post kinda exploded.

    Well thanx.

  10. nice thank-you speech :D

    It was very similar to the kind of dramatic speech that I was first planning to give to my audience but then realized being called 'drama-queen' wouldn't have gone down well with my gender :P

    keep blogging, drama-queen :)

  11. Haha.. but it suits me well enough. Thanx alot.

  12. OMG !
    Feels so awesome to be tagged her :P
    thank you so much sweetheart!
    And I notice a change in template again.. pretty one, indeed! <3

    I want to go LA after seeing so much of it in 90210 ;)
    and oh, i'll pass it on soon.
    *fingers crossed*

  13. Well you deserved it..

    Yeah obsession with black finally gave way !!
    Thanks much.

  14. hey nia! congo for you award!.. n u deserve dis award!... i personally wenevr read the blog, it makes me happy bcoz.. 1. of ur manner of writting, layout, accent,.!
    2. u dont tok abt typical stuff! dat makes dis blog jst awwwwsmmmm! i love dis blog!

    n oye yr i wanna go to alaska too !! northen lights!! jst amazing thng it is!..

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