Endless Journey

Sometimes being your own self is difficult,
specially when people don't want you to! 

When people want you to change !

I don't give a damn
I am perfect the way I am

Quotes that end up often enough on our Facebook statuses

Do they really define us? 

Would you resist change even when everybody is expecting you to,
everybody who matters?

When everything is at stake!
Either the change or the people!
When you have a choice that doesn't even feel like one!
Is this the moment? The moment that changes everything ,
even you....!!

But mostly we donot end up the right place.
The choice was wrong.
And now you have no one to blame
except yourself.


I don't know where I am heading
Is it even the right way
Or is it just a never ending journey
I really couldn't say

But it doesn't even matter now,
This turn or the other
Its not like I have a place to reach
This city or another.

I remember the happy times
When I joyfully walked my path
Loving and feeling
The birds, the clouds, the sunshine bath.

The way was right.
It was the only one I knew.
With the red red flowers
And the sky so blue.

But ever since the stormy night
The tree fell which cud never mend
The day I realized
This was the right way's dead end.

Since then there is no sunshine
No birds no flowers
Only dead ends
Screams and scars

Now I don't know where I am heading
Is it even the right way
Or is it just a never ending journey
I really couldn't say.

P.S : Poetry title courtesy Neeraj(P.S within a P.S: See I credited you.)


  1. Well again what can I say but it's kinda easy to get lost while reading your post. BTW I believe that:

    when more people want you to change
    more adamant you should remain
    Sometimes trees fall and road ends
    But life's a journey only dead pretend...

  2. But do we resist change even when the people we love are at stake ? Is being yourself more important than them?

  3. Life is very strange thing. We do not know where are we leading to and what the result will be. Everybody want change and they struggle for it, some lead to good and some to difficulties.
    I am also strugling for change but I know its very difficult. You say u like my Ubuntu post, so I have wrote again but this time with pics, have a visit and your view.

  4. u knw change is gud but it depend over your decision.. humans r vry special kind of creature jst bcoz of 1 trait.. emotion..
    nw u hav to be rational evrytym.. ur decisions r nvr rite which r based totally over logic or emotions.. bt if u combine dese 2, u'l undrstand evrythng possibly arnd u.. dats wat makes us human.. n u get d rite decision.. nobody has to change.. coz after dis mentality u get is accepted by u in d process of taking dat decision..u had already changed.. so dere is no forced change required abt wich u hav to thnk..
    take a deep thot over dis.. n u'l undrstand wat i want to say...

    P.S.- no p.s. dis tym, serious post.. kya hua?

  5. oi! whenz ur next post coming!?

  6. @chandra81 But if your loved ones dont like you the way you are and it is either the change or those people.. Will you still be adamant to change?
    If everything is at stake?

  7. @gaurav wow I like your train of thouth.. Its deep.
    P.S yeah serious post. Have to be sometimes.


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