Nighto I speak bullshito.

Life's complicated.
Well not life I d rather say circumstances.
Oh wait news update from the brain its not circumstances either.
Its people.
I cannot understand people. I just cannot understand people. Period.

Well its soo difficult to understand your own self let alone another human being.

At one moment I want this, on another I want that . When asked I ll opt for this only regretting it seconds later and being too egoistic to accept.

I have been too proud of myself that I haven't ever been a girly girl.
Girls please don't throw stones at me but let's just accept 50% of the girls are plain stupid, even 70% of the boys too but right now let's just not deviate !

Ok so back to girls. They can't drive.

Yes a strict warning donot try to mess with a car that's being driven by a girl or by a surd. I am not being racist I am just quoting a lame joke.

Yes comin back to girls they can't drive, they can't take a joke, they can't clearly say what they want, they always want to be a princess expect over-politeness from everybody and then fighting against not being treated equally as a guy.
If you want to be treated equal, first consider yourself equal. Don't be like 'don't you know how to behave with a girl?' And then I am equal . If you are equal why the hell do one has to behave specially with you?

I may be completely wrong making an ass of myself, but its 2a.m, I am on a fighting spree, my brain is burnt, I am high on caffeine and I DON'T CARE A DAMN.

So back to me never being a girly girl. Or that's what I thought. But things changed. I asked for a thing I didn't want just to be looked at like someone who understands. But the truth: I don't understand. Just make it my way alright?
And then I regretted saying that just 1...2...2and a half seconds later. Maaan what was I thinking. Now my alter ego EGO (umm does that make sense?) the bitch won't let me accept it to him.
Well screw myself. I hate this stupid-girly part. What next ?? Patting on kilograms of makeup?

Where am I heading? DOOM!!


Don't try to invade in someone's privacy! Everybody needs their space in a relationship.
Who the fuCK said that ?
Theirs no fucking thing as SPACE!
You want space go to the outer space.
(pardon the lameness. Remember the caffeine part and be nice)
So expert advice:
Stalk people every second.
Keep an eye on every move. Pester them.
Show them the nosy you.

P.S: Girls and surds donot sue me. I joke I joke I kid I kid.

P.P.S: quick question tumblr or blogger ?
Fast fast answer me!
*terms and conditions: 1. You can't say depends
2. You can't say both.
Just answer its a matter of life and death.

And cappuccinos are awesome.


  1. its ol fake nia.. jst find urslf.. n hell i knw its a vry difficult task.. cn take 1 or 2 hour.. or even 1-2 yrs to knw urslf.. jst dnt be fake.. dnt try to be smone else for sm1..

  2. I know many such girls who spend hours doing make up, i mean thats fine but then what i don't like is them mocking me because i don't indulge in all that. And then there are girls who act stupid on purpose that is WTF now!

  3. Hahahaha yeah 50% + girls are plain retarded :P

    BTW blogger :) Coz i don't want you to go away :p !!

  4. Well, I can ignore the lameness considering that i crack lame jokes too.

    That point about girls is true. But then girls wouldn't be girls if they didn't expect themselves to be treated like girls. ;) Whatever that meant.

    I've got a bloody cold and i'm sneezing into every two words i say.

  5. Every girl except yourself is plain stupid..hah accept that! Everyone thinks the others are just too down the league.

    Stalking is good and we all are potential stalkers and sometimes even murderers!
    Ok i am not trying to creep anyone out.

    Blogger anyday

  6. @gaurav yes right. Umm isnt that exactly what I said too??

    @manali OMG OMG we are on the same boat...!!

  7. @blahblaholic Oh yes. Umm retarted an understatement actually. Cant stand them.
    @dozingdodo I didnt get a word you said but I can perfectly understand.
    Cold sucks.

  8. @red handed .. Well i ll agree to half of the statement. Not all. Some girls I know are the best this world can see. And some?
    Umm lets just not say.

    Seriously. Blogger rules. I expect someone to read this.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. @nai.. @evryone above.. u knw ppl shud b retarted actually. coz wen u thnk alot.. u get to knw d secrets of live.. behaviour of ppl.. insaniat ki neechta.. turn u against d world.. happenen wid me rite nw..
    good help me gtng of dis psychology thng yr..!


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