Follow your ♥. It knows you more than your brain does.

Are you a logical person who follows your head? Or do your emotions make you follow your heart?

Your time is limited. So don’t waste it living someone else’s life.
Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your inner voice.
Follow you heart. Always.

Quotes seem so beautiful to read aint they?
But do you really believe in them?
Do you follow your heart? Always?


Today was his chest and shoulder day. I sat resting in between my workout on the nearest chair I could find.
He was lifting heavy weights trying to not lose his balance at the same time. With a rather satisfying set of his he broke, and just when he couldnt take even one more he left the weights with a loud bang.

He was sweating like crazy. He took out his towel and started wiping his face. One drop of sweat escaped his constant attack on his face by his towel and making way through his neck got absorbed by his lemon yellow t-shirt. It really bewildered me how even a sweaty-working-out guy can look hot to me. I sat there staring him like a 5 year old kid looking at a shiny thing. He kept his towel back in his pocket half of it hanging out and continued with his workout.

Sitting there constantly looking at him I could picture the scene of The Mask that I watched last night for like the umpteenth time. I could imagine myself in place of Jim Carrey standing on top of the table and wistling like a wolf. Yes he was that damn hot.

I loved the way whole of his skin glittered with his sweat. His marble white skin and his muscular built didnt let my eyes see anywhere else.
This person was fantastically beautiful as if an angel's been sent to this planet but somehow its not possible for him to go back.

The moment he looked at something my eyes automatically wandered over to see what had captured his interest. He was again finished with his set. He kept away the weights and made way to the seating area.I loved the way how only looking at him made me smile. A smile that wasn't visible but was there.
He was nearing towards me. With every footstep towards me I felt my heartbeat rising. In moments he was next to me. The area was filled with an irresistible fragrance and I suddenly felt dizzy. He looked towards me and I suddenly felt conscious of staring him. Embarrassed as hell I pretended to look at my phone but back in the mind was aware of his every moment.

After resting a while, drinking water and eating an apple. The things he always does after his workout, he grabbed his gym bag and got up. He was leaving. Not a good sign. I got up as well. And followed him down the stairs. I couldnt help but notice that even his walk was so elegant. Once downstairs he got to his car. I followed again. As soon as he unlocked I walked and sat beside him.
He gently kissed my cheek and whispered
I love you baby. Now shall we go home?


Bored much. Bear with my rantings will you?
And I hate how I cant stick to one layout for this blog. Urgh.
Just tell me its nice please.
Love loads.


  1. heart is so bachha.. koi b budhhu bna skta h yr. n brain is ko kamina.. zindagi khtm kr skta h yr. dono shud work together i guess..

    n layout is awsm yr. jst change d color.. its nt acc. to nia!!

  2. hahah....the gym thing was perfect till he said i love you...
    i mean i cud relate till he came n sat...coz tht has neevr happened wimme :(

    I LOOOOOOOVE THE LAYOUT...from whr do u get them? mine is just sooo RED

  3. @Gaurav I sooo agree with you well for the first time.
    Both are equally imp.

    @red handed Shhh. lemme tell you a secret . That I love you was just an abrupt thing. I mean i didnt know how to end it so just zabardasti daal diya. It sounded right somehow.

    N thanx half of the layout I got from a really c grade site some i guess. It had pathetic layouts but I edited enough to say its mine.

    Btw your is perfect. Suits you much.

  4. Hahaha :P @ that zabardasti daal diya thing.
    I really love your template!

  5. @t.b.p thanx alot.
    @blahblohic Hehe thanx alot. No actually thanx thanx alot. :p
    I know that doesnt make sense.

  6. Hey it does :P
    I say stuff like it's not like I know know him,I just know him :P ... So you know that thankx thanx thingy did make sense ;)

  7. I'm as they say flattered ;)
    BTW your mood thingy is SO damn cute!!!! Me loves !


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