Alien Happenings.

So here I was. Sitting idle at my terrace daydreaming about the hot guy in gym and how I cant concentrate in my workout just because of his mere presence. 

Thats when my beautiful or well too provocative daydreaming is interuppted by a sudden spash of green light on my face. This was perfectly normal for the celebrity that I am around her. Crazy and over excited fans do that a lot. So smiling my bit happy at the prospect of another autograph I said 'I hope you brought your own pen' It was then I felt that the green light wasnt just on my face but on my whole body .

Just when I thought this was enough of stalking and I should rush back into my house again I felt my feet rising above the ground. Suddenly I didnt feel like going to gym anymore in my life. I felt that light. So I thought "Gravitation had finally given in to the massive weight of people here huh? How cool.' Now I was inches above the ground and constantly rising even more. 
This was the time. 
I tried every ninja move I knew hung in mid air feeling all good about myself. After like whole of my performance and now being a kilometre above ground my head crashed into something and I shouted ouch. I looked it was the lid of an ill made spaceship. 
Just then that lid opened and a green slimy thing opened its mouth and said "djfdjd ofs dssjdfdn dfdd" And I was like huh? But the awesome mind that I have I opened up google translator and figured out that what he/she said was "Oh sorry I forgot to open the lid. Come on in." Huh. Well that was rude.

Well why am I here anyway. "fjhdfkfdjklfd fgflkdsks" English: You have been kidnapped.  And why is that? "fhdfhd fkjdfjsd dkjdsdj fsdgfgf ssdsd' Just when I was going to translate they snatched my phone picked up a milk bottle of a kid type thing only with an open ending and put it to his mouth. And said" Enough of your google. We have our own translators. Ok so where was I? Yeah. You have been abducted because......

He stopped looked around at another of a green slimy thing and asked why is she abducted ? He looked as if he had been asked whether he wanted to live !! With sweat or whatever it was coming out of his almost every pour he said in a feeble voice I have no fucking clue . The first person seemed as if he just met William Shakespeare and asked fucking ? New word ? Where did you get them from . 
The second alien seemed really pleased at himself and said sir from the earthlings. 
It is an essential word in their each sentence sir. 'and what does it mean? '
Umm well it has a lot of meanings sir. It depends on the sentence. 

Bored with the conversation I interrupted umm can you please answer me first . The first one retorted 'oh yes make her unconsious Alexo .' Panic striken and feeling like shouting I flinched. But alexo seemed really happy as if this was some game .. He was coming closer and closer . And just then woooom....

I find myself behind bars in some weird sort of jail.

I have no fucking clue why I am here
I fold my legs sit at the nearest bed
And continue day dreaming ! :D


  1. I sense a part-2 coming out as well :D

  2. And then wht happened? Bloggie gets food to eat no?

  3. Aliens = sho damn cute =D !!

    BTW welcome back >:D<

  4. @alchemist : Oh yes it will. Part 2. maybe 3 as well .

  5. @red handed. Wait for the next part pliss.

  6. @blahblaholic Awww Thankooo..
    Btw thankoo again. :D :D (^!^)

  7. Awww, I am curious to know what happens next, since the green alien has no fucking clue what to do ;) :D Lovely. By the way, I have a new post up on Witches :D ;)

  8. I wanna know what happens!! Sheesh, I read it and it randomly stopped and I was like whaaaaa?!!! Now what? Post a part 2 if there is one soon. :P

    Hahah. <3 Major love.

  9. Ahahaa :D the language is fantastic :D

  10. @sonshu: See, i got a next post JUST for you :p :p

    @sushmit: The aliens are glad you liked it.


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