I LOVE YOU .(not)

The moment you came walking into my life,
I knew things will never be the same.
(Because I knew you ll ruin every moment of it with your stupid talks and the jokes so lame)

You were there with a smile, as tender as a rose.
(with crooked teeth and a hippo nose.)
I loved your hair and I loved your eyes.
(everything except your thunder thighs)
The moment I saw you, you have been on my list, my love.
(My hit list to be specific.)

Girl you are everything, everything I ever (never) wanted.
You are everything, everything that I (don't) need.

You are always there when I need you.
(just like my pet monkey before he got sent to the zoo.)
You always offer your shoulder when I need to cry.
(because you are the reason for it, you evil eye)

You come towards me with your eyes so big.
(and I am like what the fuck get away you pig)
You are the best thing that god gave to me
(along with two nosy in laws and a totally insufficient dowry)

Girl you are everything, everything I ever (never) wanted.
You are everything, everything that I (don't) need.

All I really wanted to say is I LOVE YOU.
(Go die you bitch)


  1. hilarious lyrics!

    Loved reading between the lines :D

  2. Je t'aime. Only one word for it...what the brilliant F***...loved it completely...and just imagine as I was reading this the song which was playing in the background - of course on my computer - was Crash into Me ...and the lines were "hike up your skirt a little more" How about coincidences just like in the case of Chaplain in Catch 22 where he was watching "optical phenomena as jamais vu, ... and presque vu, ..." Loved the scribbling too I mean clipart or whatever...In the words of Holden Caulfield ...well watchhamacallit?

  3. Hahahah this is better than tht stupid crazy I HATE YOU (like i love you).
    Amazing way of thinking girl!
    Everything except your thunder thighs..hahahahah
    Btw i love the new theme!!!

  4. Hahahah, This was hilarious! "And I am like what the fuck get away you pig!" :D You gave a whole new meaning to big eyes.... :D Loved this one! :D

  5. Lol.. way to go sweety!! Awesome.. :P :P
    PS- I love the new layout too.. :-))

  6. ROFL.

    I had once read these kinds of lines on a message where a husband wrote to a wife, but this one's much much better.

    Awesome post.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  7. @alchemist
    haha. Thanx. And btw congrats on being the first reader.
    You get


    Nothing. :p :p

  8. @chandra

    Thanx alot.

    P.S I didnt anything except the crash thingy :p

  9. @redhanded
    Its so surprisin I never thought of that song before writing this. It could be an inspiration you know :p

    Btw are you visiting my blog after ages??

    This is soo old. I am thinking of coming up with a new one.

  10. @sudeshna Thanx alot. Btw welcome here. Keep visiting.

    @BA oh thanx alot.

    @manali Thankoo thankoo

  11. Hahaha this was awesome. Too tempted to use them now :)

  12. @soumya. Thanx alot. Just give the credits to me. *winks*

  13. Ahahahahaha!

    You're crazy Nia.

    The nice wala crazy :P

  14. @dozingdodo : Oh thanx aquib. Acha wala thanx :p

    @aquib : Thanx alot.

  15. Hahahahahahahahaa LOL. :D
    Loved eeet =D
    You should do such stuff more often!! :D

  16. veryyy creative ( a lil rude too)

    reminded me somehow of the movie 'pyaar ka punchnama' :D

    but awesome work..m gonna be back here definitely :)


  17. its hilarious



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