People call me SELF OBSESSED.. But I am not half as obsessed about myself as I am about you... ♥ ♥ ♥

A long month huh?
Well I loved July. Well most parts of it. Smiles, winks, pouts, fights, tears, bunks, surprises, pukey tongues, confusions, kisses, sickness, heart eyes, huhs and nerdiness strokes.
All into one.

August is going to be all gloomy gloomy. Because the evil monter studies has chosen me as his next target.

So this post is dedicated to someone who has made July worth living. Oh no its not.
Well by the way I have noticed people who blog about relationships that didnt work or the emo stuff saddy saddy part they get more viewers.
Does that mean I pretend we broke up just for TRP, oh wait it should be BRP, well whatever?
Okay I am not gonna do that. You cant see me happy? Go Die.

Well okay I am in a dillema right now.
Tomorrow i.e Tuesday And my Audit class as well. I need to bunk it for some very happy reasons.
But I have bunked the previous class as well so the guilt is starting to build up.
Advise me what to do please, will you?
And I promise I ll listen to you provided you tell me before tomorrow.
I know half of you might not even check it till then.
Still I believe in Hope Pe Duniya kayam hai thingy.
Does it make sense? Oh well.

In other news I WENT SHOPPING. Yayayayayayayay..
*dances around like a monkey*
This is the only girly part of me that I soooo love.
Shopping Shopping Shopping.

Went into all boys shop that I could find.
Yes I shop from boys store. I love the long over sized tees and the coolish look.
Yes i am crazy like that.

And i got some shorty shorts. You know the best part
Whatever i liked I had my size in it.
That is goodnews for me. I love the getting slim me.
Yo Shawty. Remember answering the trivial question alright?
You want to say something?

Awwwwwwwwwww. I love you too..!!

We went to other part of the city today. 
They had some weird rickshaws. Werent the normal ones. Were made of i guess plastic punjabi's usually used for charpais and stuff. You ever seen such.

I remember holding onto the metal framework like a monkey lest these break(they were not at all reliabe alright?) I fall down and make a fool of myself.

Now the rickshaw wala.
Notice the biceps maaaaaaaan.
Notice the non-existent ass.

Yes My lord you are absolutely right I have nothing else to do.



  1. yo august!.. i like it too,, bt u knw.. though its d month jismein tumm zabse zyada masti marte ho.. coz result tym ata h n classes shuru hoti h toh kon padta h.. basically bunkking ol arnd.!!!!!!!! enjoyyy..!!

  2. Oww..its allready tmrw!
    Well i guess you bunked..thr is nothing wrng as long as you dont have to pay condonation :D

    shopping thing reminds me...i must shop too

  3. @gaurav August brings despair for me this year. So well i dont agree.

    @red handed: Yo shawty I did. Best bunk ever.

  4. shopppping shoppping yayyyyy! :)

  5. Firstly,the title <3

    BTW why current you mood sad? :(

    "Hope Pe Duniya kayam hai thingy" Ditttto :D

    Hahahaha at the last two pics :P

  6. Yeah. I soo hate classes !! N I have already bunked a month of it !! Yes at a strech !! But tomorrow I have to go !


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