When I buy cookies I eat just four and throw the rest away. But first I spray them with Cockroach Repellant so I won't dig them out of the garbage later.

 First you look like an elephant that is pregnant with a pregnant baby and then you wear shorts. Blasphemy.

Like seriously didn't you look at the mirror before deciding to show the world your 40 inches of legs that actually look like separate individuals.

Its instances like these that I think I am like 9 times smaller than they are and still I shy from wearing shorts.


Do you have a nagging mother? 
How do you survive the nag attack? Please advise because my mom is giving me an overdose of it lately.

An year back when she used to ask me to do a chore I would always deny with a world-shattering excuse and say please you do it yourself. I know its rude but then I am lazy okay?
Back then she always used to say me atleast once say me that 'Yes Mom. I ll do it in a minute.'

Recent Scenario:
My mom: Nia your clothes are all over your room. When do you plan to tidy the place?
Me: Yes Mom. I ll do it in a minute. (while typing at usain bolt speed on my laptop)

My Mom: Yeah right thats what you are saying from the last three days.

I know right? Mom's can never be satisfied.

And its just today my Mom was like:  NIA WHAT THE HELL DO THIS DO THAT
And I was like Smack that all on the floor Smack that give me some more in my head.
And oh yes. Keeping quiet made my mom think I listened and she won and we got over it soon.

Ever noticed in a horror movie the girl is the best prey only when she is bathing.
What? Is the ghost porn obsessed?


This is unusally a smally post. Sooo not Me.
Adios. And Let me know what you upto. Who did I install the chat box for?
AndandAnd I am on tumblr too.
Though still figuring out what exactly its supposed to do.
All Faces Of Me (Mini Version)

P.S: Check out this amazing blogger. BlahBlaholic And Her blog.
Just 2 comments later I feel a connect amazing no?
P.P.S: Red Handed? Blog No? Pliss.



  1. Hahahahahaha at that whole elephant and shorts thingy :P Hahahahahaaaaa!!!

    Nagging mother,me too :| Annoying no? :(

    Even in murder movies :P She's taking a bath and that time the door opens with a sliight creak and all :P Weirrrrd!

    Awwww, u mentioned me?!! Ohmigod shooo sweet re :"> Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOO much! me is *SO* glad you felt that connect! That's the whole point,no? :D

    *tons of hugs and kisses*


  2. Seriously !!
    Awww yu N too ??

    I love people with the same initial !!

  3. This all seems so familiar. Thanks to you, I shall probably be back on my way to try stop eating crap from tomorrow. The pics were insipring. :p

    Btw, Love the header pic of yours, the ironies of life.. :)

  4. Yesss...i the ghost really PORN Obsessed? I mean i really wanna know...Some ghosts are already Naked being all comfy in the bath tub...like in Thirteen Ghosts.

    OOOh! you mentioned me...fine huh fine!lemme try writing...but damn voltage :(

  5. u knw abt nogging thng.. wen ur mom comes naa. jst luk at her listen to her n giv her a sweet smile.. after evrythng i tried , dis works for me...

  6. @redhanded haha seriously. Yes write.

    @gaurav pliss that is a bad option.

  7. Pregnant elephant wid a pregnant baby......lol....

    Nagging mother .......everyones lucky in getting this.....me too ....:D


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