"FINALLY" I decide to leave.

There I was.
Buried in books which weighed more than me, not caring about what the hell was happening around in the world, 
not caring if Poonam Pandey would finally strip on her rumored visit to bigg boss house, 
not caring if Shakti 'aaooo' Kapoor still existed, 
not caring if I was losing followers just because I didn't tweet anymore, 
not caring to the texts that were being forwarded that said I was dead, 
not caring if Facebook banned me due to no usage.
Oh wait Facebook doesn't do that. It doesn't even delete your account when you ask it to. It always give you an option to reactivate. Hence, sentenced to life.

Umm where was I ?
Yes, not caring to stalk H.I.S profile everyday and 
not caring to watch the 125486th rerun of the SIMPSONS there I was.

With hair that looked like a Haridwar sanyasi's tresses and teeth that were waiting to sprout little green fungi all over there I was.
So lost in studying, striving to make a future for myself ,I didn't bath for 3 days.
Technically 2days 5 hours 24minutes.

And wait all that didn't happen
I was tweeting away to glory and I was downright lazy.

So today I did the sinful act. Or atleast that's what I considered it for the past 2 days. Bathing. When I was bathing, feeling all movie style, just then the light went out.
And how you know its a perfect prey for psychic pervert ghosts. I waited and waited. But no ghost came. Alas.

Plus, for the first time I noticed how nice my soap smells.

Ok, so this innocent little yours truly was tweeting on the innocent trend of #nicknamesforbreasts when 10 minutes later my followers increased by 10. Perplexed and happy I wrote a 'I am happy blah blah' tweet. That's when one of the new followers replied "I didn't follow you for that, @missmiss asked me to follow you, so is it true that you tweet and blog even 20 days before the exams?'

Yes, however happy I might have been at the prospect of gaining followers and my dream of being twitter famous nothing could beat the embarrassment.

While my other fellow we-are-shmucks-who-study-24hours-a-day beings are actually studying there asses off, I am ..... Well you know.

So people I am off. Atleast till 9th Nov.

By the way did you know 9th Nov is my birthday andandand my last exam. So better wish me if you don't want me to hunt you down and


In case someone wants to know I did go to the party. It wasn't a blast, there wasn't any dance, but H.I.S smile, Oh my god H.I.S smile and how happy he seemed about me finally making it to the party made the whole deal really worthwhile. Plus, I didn't get caught. So nothing to lose.

P.S: After reading this post no one will marry me. :[ I know.


  1. Oooooh me wont be in town to wish you but if i have access to net i shall definitely wish you deary!
    ThankGod you could make it the pardy!

  2. So, the commentators aren't awesome anymore.

    All the best for exams. I have them next month too

    Stay Blessed ^_^

  3. Aaww, I shall surely wish you. I wish not to be hunted and killed. ;)

    And yes. I truly missed reading your rants.

    All the best for dreaded exams! :)

    And ah stalking much?

  4. Your post made me feel guilty.You have company when you say who tweets 20 days before exams.I have exams from 1st nov and here i am reading blogs instead of books!


  5. Amusing, the joy of small things :)

    I think I shall remember to wish 9th Nov. Meanwhile, best of luck for exams :)

    And yeah, better get off the net now.

  6. @red :[

    Yes I am glad I went too. :D

  7. @guy in the mirror : Thanx a lot.

  8. @sonshu : Welcome back, after a long time.

  9. @upasana: OMG. Same to same. I haVE it from 2nd nov.

    *checks out your blog.*

  10. @alchemist: Yes I am going :[ Thanx anyways.

  11. @solitary writer : Thank you much.

  12. I was too addicted to twitter and facebook and god-knows-what-all-social-sites I'm on when I had my BOARD EXAMS! And I used to stay up all night to study, because I never revised my stuff! :p

    But I passed. And I'm not trying to give you ideas. So go study! :p

    YAYYYYY!s for the party and for the birthday...
    I'll try to remember to wish you. :p
    Good luck studying! ;)

    And you gained a follower on twitter!

  13. Not bathing for 3 days.. thats so much like me!..


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