Like The Deserts Miss The Rain.

'Dear can we meet?' He said.
'Can it happen after the exams, I am a little busy.' She asked.
'This is really important' he insisted.
'Umm. Can't happen before that.'

He hung up. The guy at the bar kept a hand on his shoulder, and sympathetically asked, 'What did she say?'
'After some time.' Banging the table with his fist he shouted, 'Time is what I don't have anymore.' Saying this, in an instant, he broke into tears.

He wished she would call him back. But realizing, that he never gave her his number in the first place, made all his hopes die.

Just this last time. He wished. He wished he knew how she looked, after all these years.Did she have that same playful eyes ? That same brightening smile, that even after a tiring day magically made him smile too? How it made him hug her.And how she would protest when he would kiss her that his beard was hurting her cheeks. How it was the best part of his life.How he wished he could just have a glimpse of her before he......

He left the bar and walked back home.

She kept the phone and stared at it blankly. She wished she could meet him. She wanted to. But what she didn't, was all the tears that would come gushing by, the bitter memories that would cloud her brain and the flashbacks that would follow.

She somehow felt light. She looked around and she was floating in nothingness. With time the vision became clearer. In seconds the place was filled with light. It was a path filled with trees. Through a forest maybe. She couldn't tell. She could see a person walking away from her at the end of the path. She shouted 'Hey you'. The person stopped for a minute, didn't turn and continued walking. She had an ardent desire to follow him. So she did. Even though it was only the back of the person that she could see, it was very much familiar. The person was still walking.

She started running. With the distance reducing, she almost knew who it was. She was just a step away from him when he turned. She stopped. The time stopped. They just stood there staring at each other.

'I have to go.' He said. 'No you can't .' She pleaded. With half a smile he stepped back.Her eyes were filled with tears. He retreated further. She stretched out her hand to stop him. He put forward his, to hold hers, but it was too late. He was already vanishing into nothingness. She hastily stepped further, but he had already disappeared.

She woke up perspiring to the core. Getting accustomed to the sudden introduction of light, she reached out to her bedside table for water. That's when she realized the other side of the bed was vacant. She hopped out and started calling 'Mom? Mom? Mom where are you?'

Her mom came into the room with a handkerchief wiping her already puffed,red and swollen eyes.

The water bottle dropped out of the daughter's hand.

Mom didn't have to say it. It was as if the daughter already knew what had happened.

Only if she would have met him.
Only if she hadn't been rude that day.
Only if she would have said I love you too.
Maybe nothing would have changed.
Maybe everything.



  1. Oh God! I never expected it to end this way. Touching!

  2. I was left speechless there at the end...
    nice post. beautiful and heart-breaking.

  3. Totally unexpected end.
    Broke my heart :(

  4. @Melting brownies, @redhanded, @aquib mastan: Thank you.

  5. @guy in the mirror. Yes it is. I wonder why people say "its never too late"

  6. "it's never too late"

    It's true but the person who said it didn't mention the context in which he was expressing it ~_~. Your post is the best example for that

  7. Enjoyed this post written with passion!


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