Shawty Put Your Hands Up.

Subject: First ever night party [and not some ghar-ki-shaadi where you are still treated as a child and where the elder men rush out of the room to drink. You know ‘not to leave a bad impression on the kids’. Ahem.]

Back to point: First night party.(Yes I am boring like that.)
1.First night party. Self explanatory.
2.H.E. will be really really happy.
3.Dance+drink. Best combo ever. End of story.
1. A million lies.
2. Crucial study period wasted with 15 days 23 hours 58 minutes 2 seconds left for the exams.
3. H.E. being really busy, courtesy he being the host, and myself not knowing a lot of people around equals a bored me.
4. Me being a waste burden on this planet donot know how to drive. (Sometimes it helps with the princess treatment, always someone to get me around to places). 
Plus my sister being a total shmuck and being stubborn enough not to drop me I have to ask for favors, which I absolutely hate. Rather despise.
Who the hell said writing pros and cons helps you get at the solution.
I am still there where I started from. A confused as fuck brain who’s solution-making chamber is closed for renovation.
Ok. To go or not to go?
If I don’t: H.E. will be hurt. Well no hurt is an understatement. Hurt multiplied by a hundred.
If I do there are a fifty percent chances that I can be caught.
What would you have done?


  1. If you can make the possibility of getting caught to atleast 1% possibility, then i guess you should go. It sounds like Fun! H.E is hosting it afetrall!

  2. Yo girl.. I think you should go for it.. Get ur Alibi straight n go have the best night out party of your life...!! Down the line years later.. Do you really wanna share the experience of the wild night or sit n brood about how you dint make it...!!!

  3. For HIM? I think you should have gone. That's what I'd do for *ahem* HER. Parents and problems can be dealt with. But for a FIRST such night, you need to take risks. Risking is fun in itself and add that to the fun you'd have at the party. I think it'll be worth it.

    Teenage advice. And we didn't have this conversation at all. ;)

  4. @red : 1%? Well that would be a hell tough task. On it, though.

  5. @supernickk : Seriously. What would I remember ? A fabulous night out party or how I made a 'right decision' and studied.
    And plus its the FIRST night so risks were kind of a situation requirement.

  6. @aquib: yes Indeed, risks sure do add to the fun. There's no fun when you ask your mom 'can I go to a night party?'She says yes. You say 'I ll be late maybe till 2-3.' And your mom smiles 'Oh beta not a problem at all.' That would be like spoiling the shizz aint it. :]

    Dont worry I my lips are sealed *Winks*

  7. @blahblaholic Yes yes yes. I would.

  8. …and I thought deciding to go to party is as easy as winking eyes!! ;-)


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