She is with me, always have, always will.

And forgettting how miserable she felt just a second before, forgetting how my words somehow hurt her to the core, forgetting that she had just announced to me 'I wont ever talk to you ', she hugged me.

Melting down at my apology she hugged me like she never wanted to let go. Steering the car with my right hand I put my left hand around her, hugging her tighter just to let her know that the feeling was mutual. Minutes passed. Her mood came back to normal evident by her constant switching of radio stations. Complaining how she missed the best line of her favorite song , and demanding a chocolate like a five year old. Yes she was back.

We stopped in front of our regular confectionery shop. But now was the hardest part. Winning the argument of who ll go out of the car and come back with the Dairy Milk Silk, her favorite. After a hundred 'no-you-go's', like most of the times I lost, while she grinned at me with an expression of utmost achievement.

"I cant go every time, you know? Someday I might not be here then what will you do?" she teased. Defeated already I snapped back, "First if you wont be, there will be no point in getting a chocolate since its you who is being a chocolate obsessed monster not me. Second even if I ll feel like eating one, I ll ask my new girlfriend to get it for me." The instant I mentioned the words 'new girlfriend' she snorted and started pinching me. Defending myself I hastily got out of the car.

We were the mushy couple. The mushy couple who didn't mind being called that.
There wasn't a single person we knew who wouldnt agree on the fact that we would be together for atleast a minimum span of forever.
Even our fights weren't taken seriously, they were sure on two facts always, first, that the issue was about a non-significant thing, and second, that we would be back together in lesser time than would take to explain why the fight started in the first place.

I never doubted her love for me, it was somehow really evident in her eyes. It had just been a year since we had been together but it felt that I never had a life before that. I never understood how I survived before she came into my life. Life lacked meaning, there wasn't a purpose for which I lived. I didn't look forward to the next day.

But then 'she' happened to me. After four months of liking, admiring her, making up conversations in my mind that never happened, and secretly glimpsing at her I gathered the guts to talk to her.

After that although we rushed into the relationship it never felt like it. As she always said, 'When its right, you don't need to wait.'
It was special. She was my best friend. From the incidents of my past to the colour of my poop, I could tell her everything and not be ashamed or embarrassed about it. She was family. My foremost priority.

With me she was a completely different being. Someone she actually was. Her inner self, all bare. For the world she was insensitive, but I had seen her cry. For the world she was funny, but I had seen her feeling lonely and asking to be beside her. With me she was without the walls she had built around her for everyone to see. For her I was someone who could make her giggle hysterically in a second and shatter her in another.

She said she felt protected with me. 'Her Guardian Angel' that's what she called me. "I wont ever let anything get to you" I would promise saying that to her posing like a superhero.

Buy how I wish that promise wasn't broken. How I wish that I wasn't so helpless. How I wish Cancer was just a Zodiac sign.

I don’t wanna run away, 
Baby you’re the one I need tonight,
No promises.
Baby, now I need to hold you tight, 
I just wanna die in your arms.


  1. This is a brilliant story Nia...seriously, beautiful! Those emotions are so vivid...I loved it! Was it a dream that you saw? It's very nice!

    Keep up the good work, my lady! :D

  2. beautiful and very touching :)

    Stay Blessed ^_^

  3. @MSM thank you so much. Naw, not a dream but its a bit inspired.

    @TGITM ^.^ Thank you.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. you should write a novel though ......i must say it was a nice read ...

  6. Firstly, it was a wonderfully-written story, simple yet touching.

    Secondly, I love the new layout :)

  7. Firstly Thank you.
    Secondly thank you.

  8. i liked it... its true its touching ... and it has that rare mix of genuine emotions with very good storytelling...

    The end could have been a lil better, but thats the critic in me thats speaking... sorry...


    Take care and keep writing...........

  9. I am actually thankful for the critic part. Its nice to know where you lack so that you can improve.

    Thank you. :)


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