I never meant to do this to you.

"Fuck man. How could she do this to me. After all I did for her."

"Umm what a minute. Let me get my facts right. What SHE did to you? And I had been thinking that she was the one who had been unfair-ly treated. "

"Dude whatever. She fucking slapped me. In front of the whole crowd. She could have waited for the party to end. We could have talked it out. She ll have to pay for this."

"Yeah right whatever."

"Hey, hey I ll call you later, okay?" Aakash said and hung up. Frustrated how unreasonable and unsupportive his best friend Shivam sounded and going through the affairs that happened to him that day he accelarated the car harder. Moving at a speed of 100km per hour on a deserted road all he could think of was how Tanvi had slapped him in front of his friends. His fault of cheating on Tanvi seemed irrelevant and of no importance to him.

He suddenly thrusted the brakes bringing the car to a standstill. Getting out, he shouted, "Holy fuck Tanvi! What the hell are you doing here?"
There beside a huge tree stood a girl with hazel green eyes and long black hair down her back, in a short white dress barely covering her knees and with curves that a guy could kill for.
"My car crashed" said Tanvi without making eye contact with him.
"Where's your car" Aakash asked looking for it.
"Its further down the road, I had started walking towards the town looking for help" She said.
Suddenly forgetting the affairs of the day Aakash held her by her arm and motioned her towards his car.
"Come, I ll drop you home" he said. Without much of a protest she quietly sat in the car.
Aakash shut her door, walked to the driving seat and without another question started driving back to the city.
There was like a storm of questions going inside Aakash. There was alot he wanted to ask, alot he wanted to say. Suddenly all the fury came back to him. He suddenly had an urge to stop the car and choke Tanvi to death. He was that infuriated. But then he looked at Tanvi and suddenly his mind became clear of all his thoughts. She looked so fragile. So breakable. Tanvi was looking down at her feet moving them awkwardly.
Another sudden move of her feet and her legs some what slightly parted making her already short dress go shorter and making the whole of her legs visible to Aakash. On seeing this, Aakash's heartbeat suddenly grew faster. All fury, all bad things he wanted to say to her vanished in the fraction of that second. Now all he could think of was how beautiful and hot Tanvi was looking right now. Her skin glowing angelically and how the tiniest hint of her cleavage made Aakash feel that the front of his pants had grown tighter. Finally realizing that he couldn't concentrate on the road another second he stopped the car. Tanvi stared at him blankly. Aakash gently stroked her cheek and kissed her, slowly moving his lips to hers. Their lips moved in time with each other and Aakash raised his hands up to her hair tangling his fingers in it. 
"I - Love - You" panted Aakash through the kissing and touching. That did it for Tanvi. She let out a soft moan and with a red glint in her eye smiled to herself …

"Oh my god. How is that even possible? It is just last week......
What non sense. Yeah he was drunk.. But...
No he didnt call me back
Yeah I was out of station for work so I couldnt find the time to call him.
No but...

Shivam put down the phone. Shocked at what he had just been told. Aakash his best friend suddenly gone missing. Tear trickled down his cheek. He suddenly remembered Tanvi and being the only mutual friend of Tanvi and Aakash he was pretty sure no one would have asked her yet if she had been contacted by Aakash.
He picked up his phone again and dialed.
"Hello? Aunty can I talk to Tanvi? Whhaaat? Wheeen? How?"

The receiver fell out of his hands. His legs suddenly started shaking and he grabbed the nearest bedpost for support. Because what he had just heard was too much information too be beared in a single day.
On learning that Aakash had cheated on her, Tanvi had commited suicide by jumping off the building on the day of the party.

P.S: Credits: One.Life.Many Moments.


  1. That ghost of Tanvi had a really mean method of extracting revenge :P

    Nice read.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. kahani thodi filmy hai :P

    but well-narrated :)

  3. I enjoyed your story. I couldn't wait to find out what would happen next.

  4. OMG.. I got the goosebumps reading this story.. U r just too good. And the ending is just awesomely written:) Keep Writing:)

  5. freak now that was creepy. Loved it :)

    Well-narrated Nia.. :)

    P.s. love your blog.. and thanks for visiting mine.. I'm ur 193rd follower :D .. yayieee ;)

  6. @BA Mean actions result in mean revenge. ;)

    @AN: Indians usually love everything filmy. Me included. And thank you.

    @MSM: :D

    @Dee: Thank you. And welcome to the blog.

    @MNET and namrata: Thank you. :D

    @CS Thank you. You are welcome here.

  7. nicely written but didnt like the ending...:(

  8. I am confused.. so I will just read and re-read the cleavage wala part.

  9. Oh my, are you for real sweetheart ? The last time I read you, you were this little sweet nerd, and now you're this grown up woman talking about lust and ghosts. I'm pleasantly amazed :)

    You're good at this, don't let it go.

    And I'm curious to know what has my beautiful friend Twisha to do with this amazing write-up ? Please enlighten me :):)

  10. @hari : Thank you for the first part and why for the second? Offended by the girl power? :P

  11. @xyzandme : Hai na? That was the main point of me writing it. I get to write about cleavages, guys getting horny and stuff.

  12. @Serendipity: Thank you. I am glad people are noticing this change. Plus this is another face of me. And the blog promised to reveal all faces of me , doesnt it?

    And Twisha and me were chatting on Gtalk and I was telling her an unformed story I wished to write and she gave me another idea which actually triggered this idea.
    Its messed up. Does this make sense?

  13. wow. Nice story . Spooky though .
    Neways , my first visit to the blog. Definitely not the last . Heheh.


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