My Hero.

We walked away from the rest.
So that we could be alone.
It was that moment that I had known.
You were the one I could vouchsafe all the love
I hadn’t vouchsafed to anyone.
Come tell me the whole story you have lived.
And the stories we ll live together.
Tell me what you haven’t told to anyone.
Lets be together.
Lost in each other.
Let me be the snowflake in the sea.
Let me be with you.
As long as I want to be.

After a tragic day and tears that followed she had decided to pick up the reminiscence of her heart and move on with life. But with a self promise to never love again. She was looking for a change in life and nothing else. This change had to start with feeling good about oneself. Hence gym happened. But life makes you meet your destiny in the most weird and unexpected places. Surrounded by issues and fucked up feelings all she had to offer was a scarred heart.  
Always smile because you never know who someday might fall in love with it.
A text message that was forwarded often enough. But how true that might actually get was something she never expected.
Someone noticing her, and having a crush on her (and only her) from the past four months was something that according to her happened only in the movies.
The first move was made. The spark was an instant hit. It was just the second day and they couldn’t keep themselves from messaging each other every awake moment. Soon enough when the feelings couldn’t be kept in, he confessed. There was no point in considering or thinking it over. The moment she had realised the love herself she knew it had meant to be forever. But something kept her back. Truths needed to be told. The ugly ones. Ones she knew he would never approve of. The ones that would stop this transfer of glances, smiles and giggles forever.
He was here. The session happened. Past was dug out. He now knew every secret of hers. Good or bad alike. She was naked. She knew he would go away.  
But then her destiny greeted her with open arms and she knew this was where her lonely life had to end, because he stayed.
That is when the life as she knew it, ended. And the real one started. The chapter she would skip to, and read over and over again in the book of her life had started.  The moments spent away from him made her go sad. It was as if nothing else mattered other than seeing him and being with him. The word LOVE somehow sounded an understatement. She was pretty sure this was something more than that. He was an angel. A savior who made a heroic entry just when she was about to get raped by the self pity issues in her life. A movie that everyone knows is going to have a happy ending as soon as they step into the theater. All love songs had started to make sense. The smile and the inner happiness had returned.
For she loves the fact how he ruffles her hair, how he gets short of words when he sees her cry and just hugs her instead, for he lets her sleep on his shoulder while he’s driving, for he looks at her instead of the hot-actress-with-a-bikini during the movies, for he calls her up and doesn’t let her hang up until she’s safely back home, for he gets infuriated at every small thing that bothers her and for he looks at her every time but gets nervous the moment she looks back like a crush caught staring.
Having ego clashes and arguments but usually over how the other person ignored the health of oneself, teasing each other like kindergarten students and walking like drunkards pushing and shouting on the roads was something she utterly enjoyed. New memories were being made, old ones ‘the ones without him’ had been forgotten. And she was happy to keep it that way.
To that saviour. Lover. Best friend. And hero. A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
I love you. More with every breathe.  


  1. Happy b'day to your hero :)

    And may your life continue like a dream :)

  2. Nia. This is awesome.
    It's so beautiful. And sweet. And wonderful. More because it's real. I LOVE IT :')
    Happy Budday to your hero.
    Stay khush always, both of you!!

  3. that was very beautiful. I am so glad to know that such a beautiful love story exists :) loved it. Its amazing :)

    Happy b'day to ur special one. May u guys remain happy, always :)

    Take care and keep writing.........

  4. Thank you the three of me. Means a lot. Thanx.

  5. Aww. Adorable one, Nia. Stay blessed, u both :*

  6. Aww. Adorable one, Nia. Stay blessed, u both :*

  7. awesome blog I'm following!
    if you get a chance please check my blog out, I'm fairly new.

  8. Rachel: Thank you. You have a nice blog. :D


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