New year? The fuck?

Freezing, shivering, drinking coffee and introspection at the same time. Asking my brain/mom/boyfriend/friends/random people on street 'Where the fuck did the whole year go?' The year ends in 15 days and almost everyone I know feels they have been struck by the Obliviate spell.

So I planned to have a serious lets-try-to-go-into-the-flashback session with my brain.
Here's what the interrogation led me to.

January: January was the start of Cost Accounting and Financial management classes. Insistent on not leaving my beloved blanket, Mom forced to resort to the lets-throw-freezing-water-on-her-face strategies, wrapping self with five layers of wollen and leaving at 6am in the morning just to travel half-sleeping half-dead in a deserted metro. Getting off and almost getting myself trapped between two metro doors, to catch the next one. All the efforts, all the pain was worth it. Courtesy the half-burnt Bread Pakoras and the yummiest Green chutney we had in the break. [Three days in a row and you ll be making the washroom your first second home, but thats not relevant]

February: The Valentine's month. The dread of having no one as my valentine and dying alone in a house full of cats happened. Caught hold of the first non-gay boy I could find. And we have been together since. This involved lot of filmy pallu-udna, pehli-nazar-me type background musics and violins.

Gymming-for-2-hours-regularly-and-still-not-losing-weight-depression happened. And to cure this, I hogged on all chilly chickens and kebabs I could find. Though I wonder why it never helped.

June: Started my blog with a post that went like : "Hey guyzz bloggin 4 d first tym. Hw r yu allzz?"
Discovered the whole new world of blogger, HTML, tweeting, tumblring. Bid goodbye to the real world.

July : I have no idea what happened during this. The fragments which I remember are : Finally realizing 'typin lyk dis' isn't cool, changing facebook DP every day makes people believe that you have a life, saying I love you to friends on Facebook you just had a visit to the grocery store with is how it is meant to be, making sarcasm on people's tweets is the only way to get famous on twitter and the fact that aliens donot exist. And I think you can guess what among them was the most heart-shattering.

October: Studies. Depression. Thoughts about hanging myself and blaming it on Cost Accounting's professor.

November : First half: A birthday overshadowed by exams. Second half: Convincing Mom how the papers were very tough and there's a huge chance that I might just fail. A feeble attempt to dampen her over-reactions when she'll witness my result in February.

December: First half: Sleeping. Eating. Cursing net speed. [Repeat]. Second half: [That technically starts today] Searching for the perfect gift to present to the King of Awesomeness on his birthday.

P.S: Brain's creativity is on a New year vacation in Hawaii.
P.P.S: I have a Guest Post lined up. Any ideas what should I write it about?


  1. Well, I would say this year was a memorable one as it marked the birth of a celebrity in the online world ;)

  2. The year sounds rather good, doesn't it?? Here's hoping next year's even better!! And doesnt kick us in the ass!! :D

  3. Yes Shreya. Rather we should kick it in the ass.

  4. Hahaha,Quite an eventful year, i must say! nice read, nia. I must say :)

  5. I noticed the shift in the way you write and I am loving it! :D :D Seriously Nia, I have come to just love the way your write. :D I like reading you! :D :D Heyyy, Have a GREAT 2012! :D *Hugs*

  6. @OLMM :Thank you I must say. :P

    @MSM: Really? I am glad you liked it.
    *hugs you back* :D

  7. wow.... this is such a coool write-up for a blog.... I really liked it.. I like the November part the post... Even my birthday is overshadowed by exams every year... My birthday is a day after yorus... and I have been hoping between every May n November for exams.... thanks to ICAI.. LOL !!! keep it up .... :)

    Best Wishes,


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