Things NOT to do when you have exams only 15 days from now :

1. Get all interested and curious about what happened to that certain couple's suhagraat that their mother-in-law is trying to prevent in some Indian daily soap.

2. Stoop down to your lowest levels and watch Splitsvilla and wonder how they managed to find this many no. of dumb people at the same place at the same time.

3. Tweet about how you are constipated. Rather you shouldn't tweet in the first place.

4. Reply to random stalkers on Facebook who think you are the most beautiful girl of the planet regardless of your blue whale body structure.

5. Make a list of sad songs that you are going to listen in case you break up with your boyfriend.

6. Click pictures of mosquitoes and your dinner to upload on Instagram.

7. Update minute-by-minute statuses on BBM. [Mom watching Parvarish | I am NOT watching Supernatural | I am going to the loo | Trying to sleep since 5 minutes | Trying to sleep since 5.45 minutes. ]

8. Insist on talking to people who called you as a wrong number by mistake.

9. Try to get into unnecessary fights with people you don't even talk to on Facebook.

10. Butt into people's conversation on Twitter and ask offending questions.

11. Write meaningless posts like these.

Regardless to say I am doing all of these.

In other news my exams end in exactly a month. The train called LIFE that has been stuck on the same station for months will finally budge now.
AndAnd I finally managed to watch Black Swan but the bhenchod Star World people decided to censor half of it. And is it just me or Mila Kunis really looks like a twin sister of Haley of Modern Family?

And I have been made a Facebook Cover.
The original girl in between with the louvable hair is supposedly me. Credit : @DartMaul5_

Yes I am Awesome.
The rest of the plagarised stuff is by me.
Click picture for full view.


  1. If the stalkers are from splitvilla, it would explain a lot. :p
    And that does really look like the pokemon guy. Serious.:)

  2. LOL... Very true.... totally agree with you... Even I am doing the same stuff that I am actually not supposed to be doing....... a week before my exams.... LOL

    P.S. All the best for your exams


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