Instagram Magic Spell.

So I am finally on Instagram , an app that has promised to make my life look infinitely cooler. (I have serious doubts about that)
With the authenticity going out of the window and plastering my various social networking sites with look-alike pictures of hipsters, nerds and obligatory food pictures I am all set to make people believe that I look like a vintage Polaroid picture from the 1970s. 
(Now I just have to wait for people to start unfollowing/unfriending me once they start looking at my spams of utter mundane objects glorified with the Instagram magic.)

Instagram username: McWeirdson 


  1. I've always had instagram. I got it when it first came out, and now I'ms tarting to use it again and I'm just in love with it!

  2. Its been a while i havent read ur blog. i am goin to catch up right now...!
    oh and very cool pictures miss! :)

  3. I love random photo posts on instagram :D
    & I like your blog!

    Followed you :) Follow me back?


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