Chocolate Pigeon AMREEECA.

Exams end on 16th. Wednesday. KHATAM BHENCHOD FINALLY KHATAM. 
I have been in the study mode for so long that I dont even remember what my life was pre this exam period. 
Ever since I failed in the last attempt it was an almost do or die situation. Either I pass this time or I cut myself and place my intestines in front of a pack of hyenas. 
So three months of leaving gym, of leaving movies/hangouts with friends and locking myself in home I am finally here(almost). With all the major exams over and only two chintu pintu exams left I WILL FINALLY BE A FREE BIRD.

These five days are so going to be so bad. You know the feeling when someone has ripped your heart out and shoved it back in the wrong spot? 

P.S: I am so going to read all the blogs and COMMENT which I very conveniently excused from these three months. 
Of course the title makes no sense.


  1. Yaaayayaayayaaayy, you'll be back =D
    Chintu pintu exams jaldi khatam ho jaaye, ekdum achhe jaaye and get back to ze blogging!!
    <3 xx

  2. Yes. Yes. Yes. I am planning on a daily post thingy like I once long ago did on this blog.

    Plus we have loads to plan.

  3. Good luck making it through these five days! I always recommend a high "energy drink" diet to help make it through.

  4. Donot talk about food. :(

    I usually cant study without hogging loads of food. Resulting in me being 7 kgs heavier than before.

  5. Exams right up my ass too and they are SO not chintu pintu. =[

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  7. @Zayn Exams are such bitches. Best of luck though.

    @I do. I do. Will do. Countdowning minutes actually.


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