The Robbery That Happened.

A robbery of precisely Rs. 4 lakhs took place in my street today. The robbers, three young men probably just out of their teens robbed a man at gunpoint when he was almost a centimeter away from pressing his doorbell. This attracted everybody's attention when after robbing the guy and also hurting him with a knife the men took their flight and this brave guy ran after them screaming at the top of his lungs.

I, along with my mom was watching television when we heard this guy's screams of help. We immediately ran outside of our house just like the ninety percent of the people on the street. Sensing that it was a lost cause some of the people rushed the hurt person to the hospital after he narrated the whole incident to the concerned family members and curious and prying neighbors.

Police was called and in a minute a huge crowd gathered.

More than concern and sympathy most of the people who had gathered were plain curious. Curious as to why he was bleeding, curious as to what exactly happened, curious as to what the police is doing and the others who were downright curious just about why were so many people gathered there.

The second lot of the people where the womenfolk. Even in the whole crowd they had somehow managed to form a separate group and stand in a circle. These were the people who more than stating facts had switched on their Sherlock-Holmes-mode and where more than glad that they finally had something new to discuss rather than what clothes Sakshi wore in a certain episode of Bade Ache Lagte Hain and hot headed arguments as to whether Anandi should forgive and remarry Jagya.

The third category contained people of all age groups. These were clearly the ones at the most outskirts of the huge crowd and were seen fabricating a story of their own. Half of them had already replaced the knife with the gun. The other half were readily discussing the stupidity of the guy to carry such a huge amount of money.

The fourth category of people were the ones who had taken it upon themselves to inform every person in the vicinity of other similar crimes that took place in and around that area.

And the last category were of men and women who had finally opened their eyes to the world and were questioning their level of security and resolving to be more alert of their surroundings.

All these discussions and buzzing had one thing in common. The question why wasn't there a security guard present. An year earlier some of the households in my street, five to be precise realized the lack of security in our street. Since this area is of private houses there isn't a colony/society-like setting for a guard. So the womenfolk of these five household went to each and every house on the street to convince them to pay a meager amount of money each month for a guard. Half of them instantly agreed sensing the need but half of them declined giving various lame excuses.

IDontKnow. When it comes to flashing fancy phones in parties, showing off latest and heaviest jewelries in kitty parties there is no stopping these people. But when it comes to paying a small amount for security they have reasons and blind faith like "Jo hona hai wo toh hoga hi. Bhagwan sabki raksha karega. Aur agar kuch hua toh wo pichle janam ke fal mil rhe honge".

If such a huge incident can't change their mind I wonder what will. I guess these people should just go back to blaming the government, the police, their fate and God in that particular order when any unwanted event takes place.  


  1. Frustrating, isn't it?

    And even more when people act like this when living in an apartment. The older generation is superstitious, the middle one is busy in the run of currency and the younger generation is always suppressed. And while some people are actually sensible enough to adapt and want to see a change, they are oppressed too.

    The Saddest part? This is the scenario of 90% of societies in India

  2. Very much. This is hypocrisy.
    Advising people and preaching when one oneself isn't doing anything for personal security and then saying "Kalyug hai kalyug".

  3. So by emphasizing the need for the security, the next time somebody tries to steal , the robber will first hurt the security and then the actual subject. What you need isn't a security guard, but courage and presence of mind. Nobody can give you safety, it lies within.


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