Because changing blog layouts is on the top of my list.
Because online shopping is suddenly cool.
Because after 20 years of hating it I am suddenly a shopaholic.
Because Windows 8 is suddenly something I can't live without.
Because I have to fish for torrents every hour of the day.
Because Fifty Shades Of Grey has all of a sudden become bearable.
Because even with the anti-feminist angle Anastasia Steele is my role model.
Because watching every new show a minute after it's released is now my aim in life.
Because my love for books has been rekindled.
Because I have my birthday in 6 days and exam in 7.
And now you know.

You have been missed! Not.

P.S: In other news it was my mother's birthday yesterday. And apart from the fact that it comes along with SRK the fact that I gifted her a book made her really proud. :')

And because cakes aren't cool anymore (read: I am broke and calorie conscious at the same time) I brought her an ice-cream as the alternative.


  1. Happy birthday to your mother :D

    and Windows 8? Really? o_O

    Last time your birthday was in between your exams, wasn't it?

    Stay Blessed ^_^

  2. Thank you, she says.

    And not upgraded yet. Because too pricey the deal is. I am fishing for torrents.

    And yes. You remember? OMGASDFHGUDCM! ICan'tEven! OMG WOW!



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