Life Lessons From Dexter

Meet Dexter. He's weird. He's awkward in company. He's a pro in pretending "normal". He's cute. And though he doesn't know it he is caring somewhere along the line. He's undoubtedly sexy. He's got a
voice that makes you swoon. Oh wait! And he's a serial killer.


He get's into relationships to not raise suspicions about his not-so-normal-lifestyle. Surprisingly is a man who isn't fond of sex and even more surprisingly is fantastic with kids.

“Rita will be devastated if I’m arrested. Her husband was a crackhead and her boyfriend’s a serial killer, it’s kind of hard not to take that personally.”
He believes he has a dark soul. He calls it the dark passenger. "His" dark passenger. And when it calls he kills. BUT he kills only the bad guys.
“Everyone yearns for clarity, for closure.
But is that ever really possible?”
I was recently introduced to this awesome world of dark. "JOIN THE DARK SIDE. WE HAVE DEXTER MORGAN". Watched 6 seasons back to back in a time span of 2 weeks. Addiction took a whole new level. The only catch was whenever the show displayed the tiniest hint of Dexter getting caught I was like "Bitch please! He can't be caught, he still has six more seasons to go."

Now I was desperately waiting for season 7. And woah! Trust me when I say this "SEASONSEVENISSUPERSEXY"

With villains dripped in sauces of sexy and served hot and with Debra finally catching Dexter red-handed, Dexter finally has a person to share with.

“Dexter’s a vexing character,” says Michael C. Hall. “In some ways I feel like he’s a person who could never be; he’s an idea. It’s implausible to think that someone could pull off what we’re invited to believe he’s pulling off. So that’s tricky. And you can’t really spend too much time thinking about logistical implausibility. (You must) let it work on a more symbolic or metaphoric level.”


  • Cops should never date. NEVER NEVER. Because even after spending 30 hours of a day at the station if they do find a person who is ready to date them, that person is either:
  1. A serial killer.
  2. A relative of a serial killer.
  3. A stripper who works for the villains.
  4.  A jounalist fishing for information.

  • Never give up on relationships. Even if your brother is a serial killer.
  • Every person comes with an expiration date. 
  • Dogs are evil-sniffers. So if you plan to kill your milkman for pissing you off you should stay away from dogs. Because they know!
  • A Blood Analyst has the most flexible job in the world.
  • Frosty swirl gives you courage if you want to commit suicide.
  • Don't chase after what you can't get. Let the universe and the police take over.
  • Things happen for a reason.
  • The important moments shouldn't be postponed/wasted even if you have a "kill" to attend because you can't get them back.
  • The most important people in your life are the ones whom you cant share your dark secrets with.
  • Talking is the most difficult task, but it is important.
  • Staying in home is important too. For your family.
  • Every person has some sunshine coming out of their butt.
  • Donuts can help you take over people.
  • A task isn't worth doing if you don't do it perfectly.
People who watch (and definitely love) the show tell me more you have learnt from the show. I am pretty sure this short puny list isn't all.

I so loved Oscar. :( Pity Dexter had to kill him. 

See you on the other side of the dark passage!



  1. Killing killers who escape through the chinks in the legal system is not a crime. All hail Dexter Morgan... I really hope Debra doesn't succeed in guilting him outta anything. And I love Angel and the way his name is pronounced in Mexican :)

    1. Sometimes he has killed innocent people too. Remember Oscar's brother?

      I though hate how Debra has become a completely different person towards Dexter now that she knows! Ofcourse who woudn't. But steeeel! Even though I was grossed out by the idea of her and Dexter as a couple like they suggested by the end of season six but I had prepared myself for it. So I feel bad how it's not happening now.


  2. I have always wanted to watch this show. But I am so caught up with others, gah. It is too difficult to choose one. But now I am definitely so much more interested in watching 'Dexter'.

      I always switched channels when I saw it coming on Star World.

      Now I regret it because saare torrents ke thorough karne pade. :|

  3. Been a fan since 2009. Awesome series. Even though I did not like the third season much, because everything was becoming so redundant.
    Season 6 had the classiest murder set ups.

    I'm desperately waiting how Dexter avoids being caught now that Maria Laguerta is closing in on the bay harbor butcher. O_O

  4. Seriously! I loved the trinity killer part the most, season 4.
    And yes. Six was all brain and awe.

    He won't be caught though. :P There's still a season to go.
    I am just sad Isaac Kashkah is in jail. Sexy people shouldn't be jailed bro.

  5. Haha, I know. At least he's not dead! :P

  6. kind of sparked an idea for a new post. will credit in the post when i write, sounds ok?

  7. Sounds amazing. Looking forward to read it.


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