The Bankster. A review.

Note: Since this book is a thriller I have tried to keep this review totally spoiler free. Enjoy!

Title : "The Bankster"
Author : Ravi Subramanian
Genre : Crime Thriller.
Price : Rs.250
Publisher: Rupa Publications

My review:
Ravi Subramanian. The John Grisham of banking. Usually when I read a book after listening to all the applauds it has received I am more keen on proving people wrong, on trying to find faults and to give a different opinion. But this book didn't give me that chance.

I was smitten as soon as I had the book in hand. From the mysterious and apt cover illustration to the synopsis everything was perfect with a capital P. Even with my exams just 5 days away I couldn't resist the temptation of reading the entire book in a single go. It was that engrossing.

Something I particularly liked about the book was the speed. The narration was speedy and to the point. At no page did I have the urge to keep it down or take a rest. I even carried the book to the washroom when answering my calls of nature. And the best part was even with the racy narration no part of it seemed rushed.

This book was a whole new world for me. The naked truth of banks, their employees, NGOs had me shocked. The author has done a brilliant job in writing a book related to banking yet not using difficult terminology. This is a very mature book in terms of how the author has handled it.

The book has three parallel plots. At first you have absolutely no clue how and why they are linked. The weakness as with almost all stories with a parallel setup is that one intends to take preferences. One of the stories becomes your favorite and you start paying less attention to others. Also along the way you'll realize your sympathies changing towards various characters in the book. Though I especially loved how some characters turned out to be totally different from what they appeared to be at first.

Something that takes the limelight away is the ending. The climax is SUPERB. I wouldn't have guessed it. And I bet you won't be able to either. This of course is a prerequisite for a novel that is a crime thriller.

Crime thrillers are usually a one-time reads. But I am sure I am going to read this book again after my exams, it was that fantastic.

Ravi Subramanium is undoubtedly one of my favourite Indian authours now. I now just have to save to buy all his other books as well.

This is also my first ever authour-signed books which makes it ulra-special!
The Final Verdict:


Rating: 4.5/5

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