And he stood up for his daughter.

The statement "I wish I was born a man is overrated". In India given the freedom and condition of most women we yearn to be born as a man. Little do we give thought to the fact that being a man is hard too. Especially here. When you can be misjudged even when your intentions are pure. But a country where we hear multiple rape slash dowry slash numerous women related issues on a daily basis it's hard to trust men. But this doesn't stop the men that are truly noble and great to stand up for women. Men who re-instill our faith in humanity.

I have lived some years of my life in Haryana. Haryana, the city where the sex ratio is awful and where girls are considered a curse to a family. A state where girls are killed even before they get a chance to see the world. In such a state it's hard to find people who would love to have their wife give birth to a girl. Yet, this is where I met Rajeev. Someone's who's deeds have always inspired me. Rajeev was our driver. He had a little daughter named Maya. Maya wasn't his blood kid yet he was the best father a girl could ever have. Maya had been thrown in the river as a new-born by a Haryanvi couple who didn't want a girl to bring utter disgrace to the family. Maybe it was her lucky day because a little while in the river and she was saved by Rajeev. Rajeev and his wife who already had two children couldn't bear the thought of giving up Maya to an orphanage or other institute so they adopted her. She was raised like their two sons, went to school and was allowed to do everything that their sons could do. And the sweetest thing was that they never told any of their kids that Maya was adopted. In a state where girls are awfully treated it is surprising and pleasant to see people like Rajeev who stand up for women and treat them as equals. All this country needs is more Rajeevs who act like soldiers and honor and protect women. 

This is a poem I wrote in the above context.

All my life I have wanted to let you know 
That you were the reason God didn't let me go.
You saved me in time to see another day
It was for you that God wanted me to stay.

In this place no one loves me. 
Stuck in this place where I’m hated so blindly
There are so many things that others of my gender have been through
But I am here safe and sound because of you.

I was drowning
My parents frowning
But you came along just in time
And you saved my life.

I was sick.
I didn't have any help.
Nearly dying
And you saved my life.

Now all I want is
To be born as a girl again and again.
And to be always be gifted with a Dad like you,
Who spares me all the pain.

I had fallen apart
But you didn't let me part.
I had almost collapsed
But then you came in time.
And you saved my life.

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