This is a PHOTO SPAM! ^_^

It's been such a long time since I have vented out on my blog and ranted and live blogged my entire life. Hence the picture post to update you as to what I have been doing. (LOL!)

Exams bring out the creative side in me and what do I do? Make jewellery bags for myself.

And what matches a cute Jewellery Box? A well arranged neat drawer. :D

In the meantime I also put up not-so-subtle reminders about approaching exams. 

And different braid styles. 

Read THE FAULT IN OUR STARS! Best book I have read yet. Also my mother suspected it to be a horoscope book at first. o_O Yes this happened!

With arranged drawers and cleaning up messes tried to clean my desktop as well.

Doodles. (Bah!) Too lazy to rotate pictures. DEAL WITH IT BITCHEZ!

Online shopping site sent me a free ring "by mistake". WHAT LUCK!

Ordered handmade cute and chic light lantern made by a dear friend. 

Fell in love with words. Words specifically contained in "The Fault In Our Stars"

Talked dirty!

Showed off online shopaholic-ism. 

Another Lets-get-creative-because-I-beez-so-jobless phase.


  1. Haha. Loved the spam. :P
    All the best for exams.

  2. I am SMITTEN by the creativity :)
    Feel nice landing on your blog :)

    1. SMITTEN OMG. Huge word there.

      Thank you. :D

  3. Coz Pictures speak louder than words!! :) #LovedIt

  4. Cool! Nice blog.
    Will get hold of the fault in our stars!
    Can we follow each other?
    My blog-
    Following you :)


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