Explicit Content. Do not read.

I have noticed people like to do stuff thay arent supposed to and things they are advised not to meddle with.
Oh well.

I just awarded myself with a week long of break. Well almost.
And boy Am I happy?
Well cant say.

Thats the thing with your study time period. You  get devoid of your emotions. You cant figure out whether you are happy or sad or neither.

Well have you had that moment where you just heard a song, you dont know its name, artist .
Neither can you remember the lyrics. Its just you humming the tune again and again on an infinite loop. 
And you dont know whether you ll listen to this song again.
Its irritating. Damn.
Its like having a crush on a guy you just saw. You do not know where he belongs from and whether you ll see him again and still you cant resist thinking about him all the time.

I have a million thoughts in my head and I just cant seem to think.
Its like working on a higly ancient computer with more viruses than its total hard disk memory.
As soon as you start working an error message pops up. You close it and continue and error message two pops up.
Its the same. Or maybe worse.
Its not always about me but its not always about you either. ITS NOT ALWAYS FUCKING ABOUT YOU.
Its high timE that you realised that you aren’t the goddamn sun and the world doesn’t revolve around you. Well my personal world is a different matter altogether.

See a live example.
Totally random thoughts keep popping in my head at random times.


I know he is hot. Will you shut up my brain. Let me do the talking.
Okay so studies. My mom suggested today that I should leave gym as well for the two months that I have to study.
Yeah gym. The only place I am going to these days. Let me tell you what she expects. To lock myself in a room with no gadgets and surrounded by books. And be there whole day. I guess even food will be pushed from under the door as they do it to jail inmates lest I ll be disturbed by that and waste my 2.34 minutes that I would have otherwise spent studying.

I d rather make my writing micro mini to fit the sentence in the same line than switch over to the next line. What if its unreadable I managed to squeeze it in one, that counts for something alright?

1. Speed I love.
The feeling that I have left everything behind, I love.
The feeling that I have fast forwarded life, I love.
THe feeling that I am Flash. Duh Justice League, I love.

2. My everlasting love for dogs.
Its where I belong.
I have all the characteristics.

3. Ice sculptures.
So cold still they enjoy being naked.
So much for seducing guys, Eh?

4. Follow me.

5. I swim to get to the other side.
In other news rain happened.
And as you know it makes me crazy.

It rains for days in Mumbai and then they get over it.
And it rains 15mins in Delhi and the rain gets over it.
15mins in rain.
A day in flood.
Courtesy: The awesome sewer facilities of the MCD.

This is just a happy happy post for you earthling coz you ll see the likes of me rarely.
But will pester you as soon as I get the time.
Till then go rape the play button.


In the meanwhile I ll go irritate people humming the tune I am stuck with.

P.S : People just because I am reading no blogs right now and not commenting doesnt mean you ll stop commenting too :p

P.P.S: Well the pic says it all.


  1. Soooo many things running in ur mind eh girl?
    So many different stuff stuffed into one blogpost.
    Me the likes...and who is the guy who believes he is the sun?uff stuffed into one blogpost.
    Me the likes...and who is the guy who believes he is the sun?

  2. Well yeah stated my current state of mind. Well yeah that guy doesnt beleive anything. Its my mind that allotes different roles and their characteristics to people. When in reality they are really far from that.
    Sounds stupid?

  3. Hahahaha,this happened to me too when my boards were coming up. I'd open up my books and my mind would be on everything except studies. This issue, that girl, this teacher blah blah blah. Happens!!!
    BTW yeah Taylor Lautner is hot :D

    In Mumbai also,half the times when it rains,it starts flooding like crazy :P Remember 26th July?!

    And I loved the last pic. So Damn True :D

    BTW new follower,hey :D

  4. seriously. The rains. Why do they keep blaming them. They arent a problem once you make way for them and dont clog your sewers and wateva.

    Btw hey hey thanx.
    Still amused at your name. :O

  5. girl you need some ritalin! :P

  6. Taylor Lautner is super HOT! Can't that that damned wolf of my mind these days :P

    Man, you think and can write a lot! No complains, as I loved reading it.

    You rattled a lot. I hope you are not on your period or something :P

  7. @bhuvnesh had to google it. But yeah right. I need it.

    @somya seriously that wolf has something abt him maybe its the eyes. Oh wtf its his abs.

    And no I rattle evn more during my periods.


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