Today and forever. As in forever forever.

In the book of life,
The Answers aren’t in the back…..
                         -Charlie Brown   

These are archives of when I first started writing.
So DONT JUDGE ME. Alright?
And its not twilight.
There arent only one Edward and Jacob in the whole world.
Life has taken a U turn.. The emotions which were long dead in me have started sprouting up again.. I don’t know why it is happening but it is.. Weird isn’t it?? How people influence you..

After Edward I had become really stone hearted, everybody seemed so fake... Hundreds of people came and went but couldn’t influence me until Jacob.. I don’t know whats so special about him that even when I am not so close to him he has the power to send butterflies running through my stomach..
I don’t know what it is till yet.. Is it just friendship? Is it a reciprocation of the feelings I have for him... Or is it just plain lust for him..?My heart wants to believe it is the second one but my brain knows it is the 3rd one… It doesn’t make sense for him to like me… he is like an angel.. Every girl longing for him.. how can he be attracted towards someone so normal…. One explanation can be that he has lost his mind.. but he seemed fairly normal when I talked to him…
"Feb o six  was the day
Promise to you baby
My feelings will stay this way
Never would hurt you
Never will I leave you alone
Everytime I'm by your side
is when I'm really at home

Today & forever
That's the promise we made
You're the reason why I'm smiling every start of the day
And I hope you know I mean It everytime that I say
I love you

today and forever
u were the one i was waiting for..
never realised u were so near
each day each second with u
is like a dream
that somehow came true


I am not my usual trying-hard-to-crack-a-joke mood right now.
And plus no wish to write.
By the way I got some really amazing songs
for my playlist.
Courtesy : Red Handed.

Hey you, keep suggesting me songs, no?
I am really of a procrastinator.
I just learnt its meaning alright.
procrastination refers to the act of replacing high-priority actions with tasks of low-priority, and thus putting off important tasks to a later time.
I really really need to study.
And not procrastinate. I mean lazying around is not going to do any good.
Stop procrastinating Nia.
Is my stupidness Evident? Oh.

You are mantally the sick my bowye. 
A lame attempt.

Alright bye.


  1. Loved that poem. Keep it up ^_^

  2. Ooooh My Jacob! My Hi to ur awesomely carved out packs and chocolate dripping skin.

    Man he is hot.
    Cute poem.

    Nd hehe yeh those r some manageable tracks.

    I the like it my bwoy!

  3. @red handed: Hahah.. Hot would be such an understatement no?

    @hamza: Why is it that everyone needs to but nobody does.. Well wait a min does that make sense?

  4. Today & forever
    That's the promise we made

    loved these two lines the most.
    And not judging you at all, you're fabulous as you are :)

  5. liked dat poem nia ... nyc ;)

  6. loved the poem :)

  7. Hey Nia, I have tagged you here.

    Do take your time and answer them :) :D I shall wait.

  8. lols! study study!

    lovely poem btw!

    PS following your blog now!

  9. Well thanx a lot. Welcome here..


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