How evil are you...??

Goodevening earthlings.
How you doin?? *in a totally joey way*
Lets start with some advices.
Because you never know when your blog will become this miraculous place where everything you say eventually comes true.
Remember last post I was telling how good it is to have stomach infection.
Scratch that. 
Because it is the worst. Especially when it joines the evil forces of fever as well.
Psssst. Iphone will be the best thing that will happen to me.. Are you listening my dear blog?
Well this sickness is sure helping me to escape studying part a bit.
My lazy ass alter ego is really happie happie.
Ass eh? That reminds me have you ever noticed
Life is all bout ass - you’re either kissing it, behaving like it, covering it, working it off, or trying to get a piece of it..
Well I have been scrambling the net all day. 
This lappie has become more of a nagging husband who I so wish to divorce right now.
Yesterday I went boycotting against my surfing addiction and succumbed to the real world.
I put on the T.V and everything looked so weird. The pictures, the sound. Well actually that would be exaggerationg a bit. Okay I ll put it more realistically 
I didnt had a fucking clue on what numbers my favourite channels were.
*disastrous sob* On second note I didnt have any fav channels.
Then I searched in my messed up drawer for my i pod. After dusting off a kilogram of dust off it and totally surprised that it still worked somehow I plugged in my headphones.

Every time I come around
Shawty love me down
Run up on me like click clack
Want you to make me feel like I am the only girl in the world
Eh. Eh. Eh. Eh. Stop telephoning me me me me me.
Dude. How old is my playlist. I cant even remember what was the latest song I heard.
Maybe the lazy song. Bruno Mars. Ah It suits me so much.
My playlist needs such a huge revamp.
Bored from the real world. Well not technically. Since T.V and i pod are again gadgets. I am just glad I wasnt born in the cave ages. 
Was already enough I was bored and I was furious. 
Yes. This much.
Okay are you evil? Random question. I just discoverd I am 90% evil from some stupid quiz.
Yes I have totally nothing to do.
And thats what they had to say in the end
You are evil, you have mastered the dark side.
Fear not - you are on your way to world domination.

These were some of the questions I answered an yes to.
*You've looked at nudie pics online
Oh dont tell me you havent done that at a point of time.
*You've kissed someone you shouldn't be kissing
*You've said something so mean it made someone cry
Well I didnt mean to sound mean. Ah. Who am I kidding I did it on purpose.
*You've killed a bug
Favourite hobbie man.
*You've sought revenge on someone
You do me baddie. Nia does double baddie.
*You've made a prank phone call
A? Bazzillions of them
*You've divulged someone's dark secret
Umm. It was too dark to be held a secret.
*You hate kids
Hate? Understatement. I loathe them.
*You've shoplifted or stolen from someone
Shoplifted. Guilty.
*You've blamed a fart on someone else
*You'd rather be a super villain than a superhero
 Dude. Thats my dream.

A totally I-have-nothing-at-all-to-say-still-I-want-to-keep-my-blog-alive post.
P.S: I sooo miss writing to my own self. I guess I need another blog.
PP.S: Suggest me good songs no? I need a playlist revamp.

Andandand this video is a must watch.
Its gross like hell but nevertheless I love it. 

Love loads


  1. Nothing awesome enough right now babe
    but track down these asap if u havent already. The list is made after considering the three songs u listed

    1) Deadmau5- Raise your weapon(Madeon remix)
    2) Demi Lovato- Skyscrapper (girl sounds constipated but great lyrics)
    3)Jar of hearts- Cristina Perry
    4)Fuck you- Cee Lo green (i m sure u wud hav heard this)
    5)Where the girls at (Feat FloRida)- David Guetta (nothing great)
    6)E.T- Katy Perry (kinda old)
    7)Take Over Control- Afrojack feat Eva Simons
    8)Adele- Cold shoulder Rolling in the deep (u might hv heard it)
    9)Are your kisses dynamite- Ahmed Sendil (only iuf ur a party animal)

    How i love to share some mujic :P

  2. Oooh nycy! I have heard fuck yu and adele one! Adele is really good! E.T and demi somehow I can't tolerate. And thanx a lot I specially love the 9..

  3. the video was very gross. I liked it :)

    why don't u try listening rebecca black friday :P

  4. omg this post is actually helping me with my playlist. I loved the song I wonder why I havent heard it before.

  5. This post definitely will keep your blog alive. ;) After all, who will mess with a 90% evil Queen who is planning world dominion. :D :D

  6. Hhehe... Still I know how much I would have loved a 100& because trust me I leave no stone unturned.

  7. :D that pink with blank does it for you. Hence 90% ;) Oh btw, I love black---you must have noticed on my blog, I love your blog. :D :D

  8. Seriously. I am in love with black.. Some people are complaining but then I am evil no??
    n when will your bon voyage end? I know it sounds really rude but I am really lazy and plus too busy to read it from page 1 yet. THough will do it as soon as i get time. In the mean time when are normal posts coming? *winks*

  9. Hehe. Tomorrow the last part will be up. Hopefully. Somethings need to be taken to the stretch ;) Oh normal posts are ready. :D :D Do read bon voyage sometime :D :D

  10. Sure. SUre. I was into this writing meanigful stuff too. But then I got too busy for my thoughts to make any sense.
    And left it midway.

  11. Hahahahaha,

    No, this is not a totally I-have-nothing-at-all-to-say-still-I-want-to-keep-my-blog-alive post.
    This is awesomically funny post!

    You said "yes" to all of them. Oh of course that was dream.=D

    Cheers. Have a great weekend.

  12. haha..

    i was nodding my way through all the questions :P except shoplifting. never had the balls to do it.

    evil evil us! muhahahaha!

    nice template :)

  13. @hamza oh thanx a lot. :D
    @S oh its really easy !! Just look around if the place has cameras first then go with a friend and ask her to keep the shopkeeper busy and then bang !! Oh just suggestinng I haven't tried !! *winks*


    This is a good song.
    nice blog here, funny :D

  15. Thanx alot.
    Nice song
    Thanx for visiting.


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