Dancing didnt happen. Bah.

Blame it on the a-a-a-alcohol
Blame it on the vodka. Blame it on the henny.

I sat there sipping my vodka. This was too much. Music Check. Ear shatterring music Check. What else? What else did I need.
It felt like I was being punished for some unforgivable sin.
I wasnt dancing. How much worse could it get?
It did. Everyone else was. Except well a few.

How can you people not dance? I screamed in exasperation.
No one listened to me. Courtesy the blaring music. Or maybe their ignorance.

I pouted and sat back. How I wished I had Anny there. Too much for coming with brand concious people huh?
Who fake their pathetic dancing skills behind excuses like Yahan Chichore log dance kar rhe hai ... Chiii..!!! Do you expect us to dance here.
Yeah my brain screams sometime.
The dancefloor and me. So close yet soo far.
I could so hear my brain singing Tere mere beech me kaisa hai yeh bandhan anjaaaaaaaana
Yes the dj was so pathetic. Still I could dance.
Where was I? Yes the dancefloor and me.
How things seperated us.
Things that didnt matter.
I couldnt believe I wasnt hitting it.
On another note I couldnt believe I wasnt hitting them. Literally.

So feeling like the end of the world and expecting god to throw a thunderbolt at me and make me die here at the instant I with jealous greedy needy eyes looked at people dancing. And Oh man!

If you too arent given the chance to dance Or you like a friend of mine just cant dance, sit back and observe. You ll always find loads of these.

1. The 'Yes I Can Dance people' Guy

The ones overflowing with confidence or well over confidence who believe dance is nothing but a series of movements done in no specific order with no knowledge or awereness that there exists something such as a song or a tune.
These are the ones usually standing out of the crowd due to their weird moments with girls giggling at them but then they being the overconfident people that they are take that as compliments.

2. The lesbian partners:

The girl gang who have very enthusiastically volunteered to take it to the dance floor but find themselves dumbstruck on a couple song.
SO they make pairs among their selves and well take it to slow dancing. Urgh.....

3. The Show Off Guys.

The group of guys who decide to woo a girl they have been eveteasing or lets just say staring from a long time by their Hritik Roshan dancing skill. Or thats what they think.
Waiting for a 'macho' song and running (literally) as soon as one starts. Pretending or assuming themselves to be super cool rapper on stereoids or well worse Sidharth Malya  when in reality they look like schmucks.  They start of with total hip hop moves with a song that is well.... Punjabi.
Enough said.
4. The friends gang.

This group is basically normal. Well almost.
All dance pretending to be lost in their own world and half of them dance as if they are high on drugs but in the back of the mind everyone is thinkin 'am I dancing better than him/her? Oh nice move I am soo gonaa copy that.' This is normal. But some take this chance to hit upon their long i-couldnt-express-yet crush trying to be a bit more cosy cosy with every move. Umm do I need to say more.

5. The loners

The ones with no group or well a group that is too shy/pathetic to dance and decide to showcase their out of the world dancing moves from the seats itself. Looking more like pop corns being made.
Well I wont say much about this group since I was one of them.

Thats all.  If you havent noticed yet.
Next time. Dont dance. Take a notepad with you and study different groups.
Yes I am lame like that.


Though I still managed to shake a leg while finally escaping from the clutches of the boring group I came with while going to the washroom.


Love much


  1. Love the new layout !!

    Hahaha,that first pic :D
    Yeah m that last category :P Want to dance but too shy!

  2. Man man man..u n me wud make it huge then..haha..how i hate sitting n gawking at ppl during clubbing.

    I am a speaker licker. U will find me almost near the console, near the biggest speaker in thw scene, facing the speaker, and dancing...i looove the woofer bass. Yeh weird but i love it. Also the friends one too, if the frnds are dancing tht is.

    Btw i am super excited..this saturday DJ NYK is coming here gagagagagag nd Sunday DJ Vachan

  3. @blahblaholic hehe !! I can understand. NOT!! How can yu be shy ?? Aaaaargh you are an alien !! *runsawayscreaming*

    @redhanded oh yes !! Yu know I was back from the place and I msgd my dancy friends 'dude you know I went to this place and DIDN'T dance . Me. I didn't dance! And they were like its friendship day not April fool!

  4. Because dancing is the best :p :p


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