I dont want to say Goodbye.

Ready Steady Go... I ran. 
Faster than I could ever remember. Midway I turned around and looked. Neo had stopped running rather she was now running in the opposite direction. I followed.
But this was cheating. She wasnt supposed to do that. I ran after her. I suddenly had a strong urge to bite her leg. Once I reached at her side she stopped again. This was too much. I let my urges take over me. 'Owwww. Sherry get off.' Neo shouted. 

Yeah right now you would shout at me huh? Too much for cheating?
I wish I could shout too. Or could actually say this. Or say anything at all.

Neo seemed bored. She turned to go towards our home. I didnt want to go. I wanted to stay and run in the park. On second thought I felt hungry. I remembered the smell of chicken that was bought in the morning. I remember sniffing the polythene again and again just to take in a bit more smell of it. The moment these thoughts crossed my mind I ran towards the house beating Neo (again).

Once inside Neo started complaining to mom 'Sherry bit my leg today'. Mom didnt seem surprised as this was like my daily chore. 'Does it bleed?' she asked. 'No' Neo said a bit dissapointed. 'Then shut up and help me in the kitchen' Today Neo's friend Minnie was going to visit us for dinner.

I sat down on the floor with my arms stretched and resting my head on my arms.

Half an hour later the doorbell rang. Neo went to open the door. I instantly followed. It was Minnie. I felt a sudden rush of joy. I liked Minnie. I wanted to smile. But all I could do was jump around her and wag the rod on my ass like crazy.
I wanted to hug her like Neo did. But all I could do was licking her feet until she doesnt give attention to me. Once she did she patted my head. It felt nice. 

They had dinner, then Mom went into the kitchen and brought me food. This was the best part of the day. I loved it when mom gave me food alongwith filling my water bowl with more water. 
Now its night. Mom and Neo are going off to sleep. I lay too on the floor in Neo's room. I wait for Neo to doze off. Once she does I hop onto her bed make place for myself in the blanket and snuggle in.
Neo's alarm went off. 10 minutes later with Neo still in the bed Mom comes to wake her up. Mom vigorously shakes her. I feel bad. I feel she is hurting her. Just then its like I cant take any more. I start growling. Mom looks at me and backs off a step. Thats when I jump with my front hands on Neo and barking at Mom. Mom stares at me and leaves the room.

Years back I remember everyone shouting in turns the name sherry and instantly staring at me. Some days off the road I realised that's supposed to be my name.
My first memory was Neo making me drink some water. Since then years full of being patted, running around in park, protecting Neo from street dogs, snuggling with her to sleep, sleeping in her lap have made me really close to Neo. Mom is special too. She gives me food. But not more than Neo. And I hate it when she gives me a bath leashing me first. As soon as she unleashes me I run around the house like crazy to remove all the water left on my body.

Mom and Neo are packing bags. They have packed everything they had in the house in big cardboards. I had no clue what they were upto until Mom consoled a crying Neo 'We will love your new home'.
ok so we are shifting. I felt happy.New house meant a new park. Good. I didnt really liked the dogs in this park.
Just then mom cracked too 'I am sorry we cant take the dog'. 


  1. Awww..!! This is unbelievably cute Nia! <3 it!

    way too cute..I'm gonna follow your blog! great I stumbled upon it! ;) cheers!

  2. M glad tooo.....!! :D !!
    Thanks you thought so.

  3. I would loove to take the dog :(
    Such a cute post Nia!!!!

  4. :) Wait for the part two then . :) :)

  5. Oh no!! will Neo just leave the dog!! :O no no!!

    nice read.. and yeah will wait for part 2 :)

  6. Jaan ne ke liye dekhi dharavahik all faces of me ka agla


  7. loved the first episode... :) waiting for more..!! cute post Nia :)

  8. quite abstract and hyperbolic to me, but I will wait for the next episode.

  9. @supernickkk: Thanks. Hm.

    @Linux and Life: :] Soon.

  10. Aww that is like soo cute ! Looking forward to more. :)

  11. :] . I should have named the post cute I guess. :p

  12. For once someone didnt say cute. ;) Thanx alot.

  13. CUTE .. :p
    I really liked the post. and I felt so bad for sherry :( Bad people :(
    And Peter Pan <3

  14. :) I am so happy you finally commented. Time for a new post now. *winks*


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