Rockstar didnt Rock. Not Quite.

The awaited day. 11.11.11

For many reasons.
People getting married. Wishing Aishwarya Rai pushes the child out today.
And many more.
For me, it was about watching Rockstar.

All through my exam hiatus I had been surviving only at the glistening thought of watching Rockstar when exams end.
And yes yesterday the day came.
After a century of meaningless shallow films this movie had my hopes touching sky high. Courtesy it's trailers.
Courtesy the intense looks and magnificent acting of Ranbir Kapoor that the glimpses promised. And courtesy Imtiaz Ali.

Oh. Boy. It was the utter heart breaking moment when the expectations were Kungu Panda-ed and crushed to the ground brutally by the horrible reality.

3 words: The movie sucked.

Its a journey of a downtown naive boy in Hindu College of Delhi University, who wants to be another Jim Morrison,  a journey from Jakhar to Jordan and sequential stops of love, heartbreak and self-realization. Music is Jordan’s identity and the passion for it makes him rich and famous.

But, realization of reaching there incidentally makes it what the film is all about. His connection with the core and portrayal of it on screen by Ranbir is definitely a best .

“There used to be a jungle here, a very dense jungle. Then they built a city, now there are buildings and straight roads. When they built the city, a flock of birds flew away, they never came back. I’m looking for them. Have you seen them?”

The movie is basically about change. The change of priorities.

The first half of the movie is fun-filled and interesting. The shifting of scenes from the present to past are too many and they usually leave you confused.

Life in a Delhi college and the beauty of Kashmir has been nicely captured on screen. Many scenes can be related to specially the secret execursions with Heer played by Nargis Fakhri (she is very beautiful, and lets just keep it at that.)

The second half gets very monotonous and the narration becomes a little weak. The interesting scenes are fast forwarded and the slow and could-be-avoided scenes have been dedicated full length songs. The 'Realism' part is a huge drawback and like every typical Bollywood flick their is out-of-India shooting as well. Prague that is. Sequences are hard to believe and one is left to opine that it is not an Imtiaz Ali film or he was drugged the entire time making it.

The background music by AR Rahman is good(sometimes). The music and songs are capable of drifting you to another world. But the large no. of songs could have been avoided. There is a moment in the movie where you say to yourself if there is another song I ll stab someone. Or myself.

The movie is good in parts. Editing could have been a million times better..
The main problem with Rockstar is the leading lady Nargis, even animated cartoon characters emote better than her. I wish the actress was someone other than Nargis. She looks hot and beautiful at the same time but only if she keeps shut. But when the mouth is open one of the things is surely going to irritate the shit out of you. Either her dialogue delivery or her smile.

On the whole, Rockstar could have been better. A lot. They had a nice plot to play with. But they screwed up. In my opinion. 2 stars for Rockstar. [Just for Ranbir]

Producer: Shree Ashtavinayak & Eros International Media Ltd

Writer/Director: Imtiaz Ali

Lyricist: Irshad Kamil

Music: AR Rehman

Cast: Ranbir Kapoor, Nargis Fakhri, Shammi Kapoor, Aditi Rao, Kumud Mishra, Piyush Mishra, Shernaz Patel


  1. Nargis really needs to improve her acting skills. I enjoyed the movie though. Esp. "Everything is image, image is everything' part and many others too :D

  2. Hahahahahahahahahahaa =D
    Okay, now the comment :p
    Movie sucked. You went on the first chance you went?! Bwahahahahahaha :P
    Ok, fine,that was rude. Sorry.
    Exams ke baare me I won't ask [ps. that was a im not asking but do tell way of asking]
    I have heard a lot about the songs. Heard one song. Pure awesomeness.
    Disappointed with the reviews all over :(
    Nargis Fuckery seems to be her current name. Poor thing!
    And hahahahahaha, that tweet = rocks :D
    BTW Arjit is alive. Mailed me. Just not well, so not online :) And the world is a happy place again =D
    BTW hows le boyfriend?
    Take care

  3. @manali Yes there were fun moments. Image everything swaha I was laughing so hard at those.
    And yes if we remove Nargis from the movie we can give it a 3, no?

  4. @blahblaholic.
    First thing first : I soo love when people comment as a mini-posts for my posts.
    Ok now the answers in order:
    1. Yes laugh. I deserve that. I should have waited for the reviews. Poor me.

    2. The songs are really good. I had just listened to Sadda Haq before the movie but then I had to download all after watching it.

    3. Exam? Dont ask [and that is way of saying however the exams might have been I am so glad they are finally over]

    4. Nargis Fuckery. Yay. Awesome name. Suits her.

    5. Arjit. :( I hope he gets done with all the problems and gets happy-happy again. I miss him :(

    6. Boyfriend is awesome. Made me fall in love with him all over again on my birthday. I ll give you details. *winks*


  5. Your review makes me think that if I watch the movie with subtitles and volume on mute, I would probably like the movie. And perhaps, if I watch it without subtitles and on mute, I would like it even more ;)

  6. Hehehe, very very nice review. I heard a lot (not all good stuff)about this one. Ms. Fakhrey has a weird lip pout thing going on...spider-ish maybe. If I ever decide to see this one, it would be for Ranbir. :D

  7. @technoflirt Yes maybe. Or you can mute when Fakhri speaks.

    @MSM Oh my god, you know I wanted to write about it. But somehow I coudnt describe it, the words didnt sound right, but you have perfectly described it.

  8. 1. It's allright. We all do such stuff. Chillax :)
    2. I heard Tum Ho and I went all WHOAAAAAAAAAAAA! I prefer that song over Sadda Haq, actually.
    3.Hahahaha ok NERD. xD
    4. LOL. No comments :p
    5. Miss him tooo :(
    6. Awwwwww. E-mail. ASAP!
    Take care

  9. The movie was different, the good kind of different.

    Imtiaz Ali is one of the path-breaking filmmakers who is trying to elevate Indian cinema, and with three unconventional yet mainstream Indian movies he is hitting the nail at the right place.

    Rockstar's USP was the disjointed narration. It was different, yet again good nevertheless.

    There was this ethereal beauty about this movie with a wonderful concept. And artist truly renders brilliant art when he is in pain, when he's heart-broken. And Imtiaz Ali captures this brilliantly with Ranbir Kapoor.

    Yes, Nargis did not act well. But then again, it was her first movie. And the movie was more about Ranbir and his pain than about Nargis.

    The music was brilliant. I am not a Rahman fan, but this album is just something straight out of heaven. Stuff that angels sing.

    Please, my plea is for people to a be a little more judgmental and little more open to change, to different things. It would be a better place to live in if people would just sugar-tone what they have to see instead of just spit acid all the damn time.

  10. Yes, Your opinion. Every one can have one, right?
    In mine it was different but not in a good way.
    With the fantastic concept and the narration he could have made this movie a miracle but sadly he couldnt.

    And Nargis. I am not supposed to judge her by what she went through, she didnt know hindi or the fact that it was her first movie. I would judge by the end result, which in my view was pathetic.

    And what these people should also know is that there still are people who would judge her by how she acted than how she looked , or hot she was.

  11. Don't go looking for perfection. It doesn't exist.

    It's stuff fairy-tales are made of.

  12. ooooohhhhhh yes yes yes it sucked big time ........god why was the actress(non actress) was casted...she was HORRIBLE ...the whole movie of my fried asked the story and wonder what i can't twll him a word...

  13. @peevie juice : Maybe you are too obsessed with the movie. I wasnt looking for perfection. It wasnt even close to moderate. Am I not allowed to look for that too?

    @Loner : Glad someone agrees.


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