Freedom finally.

Skipped a non-important paper that I was planning to fill with "Please excuse my dope ass swag" and I was supposed to give again anyway and boy it feels so good.

This was technically my last exam.

You know what this means? Yes, that I am FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY free from the shackles of this tortourous villain. <insert an insanely drunk dance sequence>

^ I can drink coffee taking all the time in the world because well you know it.  ^_-

  • I am allowed to rant about anything right now because I am super happy. That being said you already know it is an understatement. I am beyond happy. 
  • I am free to take over the world by tweeting for one. 
  • I can finally gym and lose the extra absolutely despised fat that I have put on these past three months. 
  • I can go out and watch movies without lying to myself that I am going to make up for it once I reach home. 
  • I can spend all the time I want under the shower. 
  • I can finally get to the tedious task of building my tolerance towards alcohol. =|
And ofcourse I can blog.

P.S: In case anybody feels I make a huge deal out of my exams can show themselves the "Close" button.
P.P.S: Suggestions as to what I should be doing now?


  1. Well, from what I remember, while exams are on, you can think of at least a hundred things you would rather be doing at that moment. When they're sleep and waste time in stead.

    Hope you don't fall into that trap!! ;)


  2. I guess I am already 5 inch deep into it. HELP!!!


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