Major Decisions And Surprising Surprises.

EDIT: Changed back my URL to my former one. So this post kinda makes no sense at all. Certain blogger glitches have made me realize Life isn't about Undo. And for the people I had changed this URL in the first place can come on and do what they are best at, JUDGE ME. Because you know what, I don't care. I wont change for someone else's convenience. I am just a bit sad that these certain blogger glitches were the reason for me to realize. But better late than never, no?

I made a major decision today. To change the URL of my blog.

Despite the fact that there were many non-blogger people who read my blog and despite knowing that this may lead to a major decrement in the no. of views, and not to forget the hassle of changing links on a variety of blog-networking sites I changed it.

This was important. I had started this blog to not let the sieve like brain of mine forget beautiful memories. To connect with myself. But over time my posts had become more about others, more about followers. I wrote every word keeping in mind how people would take it as and not how I wanted it to be. Blogging became something I needed to do regularly so that people wouldn't dessert me and not because some thoughts of mine needed to be jotted down.

 Lesson learnt : Followers come and followers go. It shouldn't influence the reason why I write. 

This could have been achieved even without changing the URL you might ask. Here's the thing. I started off as Nia Charms. A pen name I had thought of because : 1. I didnt like my name. 2. I couldnt identify my blog with a name as simple as Neha. But then ofcourse since my intention was never to hide my true identity and because I was stupid enough to keep Neha in the URL anyone with an IQ more than that of Rakhi Sawant's knew I was Neha.
But here's the catch. Telling you people who I am is all fine but the real world I live in is too judgemental.
I dont fear judgement but then I dont want lame ass people that I have to add on Facebook for the sake of social formalities that have no clue about who I am to think they know me just because they read my blog.
The funniest part being people assuming some post is about them just because the fictitious name somehow resembles their name. Seriously?

Then there was an overdose of self obsession and going berserk over blog publicity. Creating a Facebook Fan Page, creating a twitter account and mailing people bloglinks. Been there, done that. All of it finally going to dumps now.

Lessons learnt: Sometimes you have to be careful whom you share your innermost self with. 

And if I am planning to write for myself again it of-course means sneaky people who assume half of the things and then choose irony to taunt me can go and fuck themselves.

When I redirected my former blog URL to my email address to let people interested in my new URL mail me, I had never expected so many people actually mailing me the same day.
I did expect some people to visit it after some days. (Here the former "some" is equal to 2-3 and the latter "some" is equal to a week or two)
But the response has left me overwhelmed. People actually care is a realization that leaves me beaming.

I am a bad blogger. A really really bad blogger. I almost never comment and/or engage in guest post traditions. Yet you people have been more than generous.
(The surprise package was when PeeVee messaged me. In my mind I regard her as a celebrity already. And even though I read each of her post within an hour that she posts I have never commented because of my laziness and also because I have never felt I can add something worthy to it that she hasnt already said. So she mailing me was more than special to me) 

Lesson learnt: I am so not fair with all my folks here. Since I am finally a free bird starting today and I read all your posts anyway I make a resolution to comment too. You have a right to feel as good as I did today.


  1. go hard ! :) all the best!
    don't ever change for the sake of others ! you are awesome !

  2. Even I changed the URL of my blog. And since me, a slag bag always. I haven't mailed anybody.
    PS: The idea of writing has been totally changed because of people stalking you all around and sketching a self-inflicted image of you. So bad.

  3. Wow. Im glad you realized.


  4. I love you.
    Judging sucks. But let's not care.
    I know what u mean. I was actually planning to change, after july. Now, not so sure. Let's see

    Somuchmuchlove <3


  6. I'm planning to create another blog after realising that I sent the link to my ex, and now I can't BS about my crappy single life.

    Sighs. Girl problems.

  7. Sometimes you have readers while sometimes you have mute spectators.

    You probably haven't noticed. I used to comment on certain posts and then on I turned a mute spectator. Coz sometimes words cannot do justice to what the heart wants to say. And sometimes rather than commenting, it's best to give the writer his/her own space to think and decide.

    I'm glad I can read you again. And whatever you do, do it for yourself dear :)

  8. life is all about teaching lessons and mostly the hard way. And great u learned and shared them too :)
    frankly speaking we all know how the blogging world is, u read people and comment and they comment back.but then when one knows why is he/she writing..nothing matters more than those words.
    I started blogging at a pretty low phase of my life, and i hve seen myself getting the freedom of soul i desired. good luck to u for the same :)


  9. @TheDreamer: Thanks. Yes, realized. Wont change myself for other's convenience.

  10. @Zayn: But come to think of it, we were the ones who wanted attention initially. Now that we have it we dont want it.
    Its weird how human brain works.

  11. @Sonshu : I am equally glad. :D

    @BlahBlaholic: Yes we are awesome people. And the fact that we arent willing to change for others and respect who we are makes us awesom-er.
    And yes I love you too. But you already know that. :P

  12. @Zeebs : One of my reasons to change were this. But trust me it wont help. Though yes it would make him happy about you whining about it. :P

  13. @Confused Soul : I absolutely agree. I am a mute spectator in most cases myself. Sometimes you find the piece too good and sometimes its a personal thought of a writer. Either ways most of the times I find myself at a loss of words.
    But the reason for my change was gaining a lot of dangerous spectators. People who'd judge. But the end of the day I realized I do not care. It actually doesn't matter. I was just being paranoid at first.

  14. @subtlescribbler True True. Blogging world is kind of a mess for some. Especially for people like me. I wanted attention at first. When I did get, I didnt want it anymore. Among all this I forgot to be expressive. I started writing thinking what would be acceptable, what would get more comments.

    I am happy I am above all that now.
    More than happy I am glad.

  15. Take it easy now, you're a good blogger. And you're right, at the end of the day, you need to be your real self - online or off it.

    This is your space. Period.

    There's really nothing more to it. Believe me. :)

  16. All our blogs have a audience that cares but chooses not to speak.. Its like a silent friend along us all the time. And just because here you don't see us, doesnt mean we aren't there.

  17. Came around here through twitter and girl you are amazing. Its always fun to read when people write their heart out....pure raw emotions. I'll come back for more..


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