Life Changing Decisions.

Life is a huge maze.

And there are very many number of crossroads as well.

Some are the ones that donot make any significant change in your route, your future plan and more than often they form a whole round and make you stand once again at the same spot also allowing you to take a better decision this time.

But then there are others which change your lifestyle, your way of thoughts, your plans for life, your principles and the core substance of you forever. They hardly have a reversible scheme. Once taken they haunt you for life.

And these become even more scary when the decision is entirely yours. No parents to hold your hand and guide you which one would be better, no friends to listen to while they make a descriptive list of pros and cons for you to hear out. You stand there alone and mostly even unaware of the fact that how huge a difference this one choice could make to your entire lifetime.

No looking back. No plan B. No second chance.


  1. Even if the decision is entirely ours i do believe that parents and surely friends stand by us if we communicate.Usually ppl communicate unless they feel they have done something wrong. Anyway all the best for your plan A. It might be for the best.

  2. Uh oh.
    Sometimes, I think that all the small choices we make, not pondering over, snap decisions, they play a HUGE role, and they are instrumental in our being.
    Eh, not able to explain, chuck :$


  3. @P : I agree to the extent that they support us. But the communication factor isnt always someone's fault. People drift away with times.

  4. @BlahBlaholic : I get you. And yes we make snap decisions thinking they dont even matter only to realise later on that they had changed our life in a huuuge way.

  5. I agree with @Blahblaholic!
    Pondering over them only makes them more difficult!
    Good lick with Plan A!

  6. Yes, life is all about such decisions. You take them when you are pushed out of your comfort zone. They as a rule, always, make life worth living.

  7. I was afraid to make decisions on my own before. My parents usually decides in my behalf. But then I realized that I can't depend on them forever, that eventually I have to make my own decision, stand up for it and just be proud that I made one.

    After all,it is our decisions that shapes us to be better people.

  8. Dis post is simply tailor made for me...


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